Saturday, April 16, 2016

Brightening Up a Home with a House Wash

Brightening Up a Home with a House Washing

It is hard to tell a customer that you can brighten up their home with a washing. How do you tell them your home can be brighter and look better when it does not have the green or black growth on it?

That "green meanie" photo Cleaned by Pete

Just giving it a good cleaning can give it some wow factor back to the home. Unless they are watching you work they really do not know how dirty of dull their home was. As hard as it is to tell them that it is harder to get a photo of what we see when we clean. I was moving hoses today and had a look at the home and saw what I thought would make a good photo. It is not that cleaning the "green meanies" photo or the "big money shot" we all like to post. Just a regular house washing we all do and see each day. It is not the best but does show a brightening of the home adding curb appeal. I here people say all the time "my house is not dirty" just because it does not have green mold and mildew growing on it, does not mean it can not use a good washing. I don't know if I caught the entire idea in this photo but it does show a good impact.

About 1/2 way through a house washing, you can see that the home is much brighter and is making a statement. House washing removing dirt and contaminates from the siding on this home, Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO

Cleaned by Pete
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