Thursday, February 25, 2016

Building a M-5 type X-jetting gun the Cleaned by Pete way

Building a M-5 type X-jetting gun the Cleaned by Pete way

Using a safe low-pressure to wash homes or businesses is a must while washing. Pressure is good, but to much pressure can harm softer surfaces. Needing the right equipment for the job is a must. This is one of those must builds. It fits a nitch in our tool and equipment. I have written about some of the nozzles I use in previous blogs.

This build is a variation on a X-jetting system and a M-5 style nozzle. To start the build these items will be needed. You can adjust your list to fit your needs.

3/8" to 1/4" brass reducers

a pressure washing gun with the approbate psi rating for your washer

One "down-stream" injector using an adjustable one is worth the money

one 12" lance or one to your liking, I used a 16" lance on mine

and one push-pull adjustable nozzle again matched to your psi machine output.
Using Teflon tape on all connections to reduce any chance of leakage is recommended. The process is quite simple from here. I used a 3/8" injector because they are much easier to source and at a bit lower cost. Using a fixed injector is fine but I like the ability to adjust the flow of the solution entering the system. When finished you should have something to look like this.

First off the gun is a 1/4" to 3/8" brass fitting, followed by another fitting and then the lance. You may want to place the injector on the end of the lance next to the nozzle if you wish.

The adjustable fan to stream / soap to rinse nozzle place on the end.

You should have something like this when finished with your work.
With all parts assembled you are read for use. Most of us are familiar with the the down-stream injector. When the back-pressure is reduced by using a larger, free flowing nozzle, it will start do draw soap do to a low pressure zone created in the injector do to a venturi. By opening the valve more or less soap can be drawn in. The adjustable nozzle is the next item moving it in and out "push-pull" you create pressure or a freer flow. By twisting you create a stream or a fan pattern. 

Twist and push pull to adjust
This has been a very useful and a must need in the equipment I use. Using it while battling mold, algae and mildew, to clean and wash homes and businesses. Is it right for you? build one and find out.

Cleaned by Pete just a power washer servicing the greater Springfield MO area