Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gas Washers: why we use them

Gas Washers:
Why we have and use different ones

This is our third instalment in our series of power washers and why we use them. When exiting the field of hood and restaurant cleaning and moving in to the cleaning of concrete and store fronts, we need a certain type of pressure washer. While some of the units we own may look a bit dated they were state of the art washers at the time they were purchased. We keep all our equipment up and serviced, with new parts or components when it is needed and with regular oil changes. When the recession came upon us several years back, business started cutting back on anything that was not their biggest priority and the side-walk cleaning business started to dwindle a bit. We moved into the field of house washing. Part-time at first then full-time and that is where you'll find us today. The pressure washer need to wash houses was different form hood cleaning and commercial cleaning side-walk power washers we had. So we needed to update to different equipment. Three different types of cleaning we have three different pressure washers.

In "hood washing" we need a hot water unit and we need a pump that could also handle hot water from the boiler of the restaurant. These heated or hot water units heat water in a coiled up pipe that is heated by a burner running off of diesel fuel. Electric, propane and natural gas heating units are available also but diesel fuel or kerosene is what you will find in most mobile units. As the pressurized water is pushed through this coil of pipe it is heated by a large burner. The unit we have can also divert some of this heated water back into the system rerunning it again making the temperature rise even higher. Pumps that can handle this have what is called high temperature packings, this enables us to have hot water run through it, either our reheated water or hot water from the kitchen tap. We needed hot water the hotter the better in order to clean the grease and grime inside of the hoods, ducks and filters hot water was more important than pressure (psi) or gallons per minute (gpm) in this type of pressure washing or hood cleaning.

This is our Landa unit mounted in our service truck.

While moving into the field of concrete we need some heat to help remove the gum, oil stains, along with soda pop spills and other sticky items candy and such. We also needed to run the surface cleaner. Have more total cleaning units (tcu) to get the stains lifted off and deep ground in grime powered off was more important now. The concrete cleaner using 2 nozzles and having to spin it takes more water we talked about this in an earlier entry "attachments: surface cleaners and water brooms". So we needed heat and higher pressure and more gallons per minute we updated again to fit the needs. Updating allowed us to do a better job and also to work less while doing more. We talked earlier about the hows and whys of the pressure washer and in order to get more pressure and more gallons per minute we also need more power to run it. For concrete and over all cleaning we used the Landa (brand name) 3500 psi at 4.5 gallon 210 degree with a 18 hp gas driven engine. More water flow bigger motor better for cleaning concrete. We also had the Mi-T-M (brand name) with the same type pump, to save on kits having to stock repair parts for just one model. We also had the ability to change out pumps if needed. The Mi-T-M we had added the bigger vertical burner to get more hot water. It has 3500 psi at 4 gpm but only a 16 hp motor and the larger burner less water moving slower through the larger heating coil meant hotter water, better for grease cleaning. Both these units have their own 110 volt generator running off the motor also, making their own power to run the electric 110 volt burner and fan. This make them the best for mobile cleaning.

This is the Mi-T-M unit when we were changing over to the larger burner unit for more heat.

We can use these units to wash homes, we did and still do for certain jobs but soon found out that Ozarks topography was rough on us. Hills, drop-offs, the lay of the land and ledge rock played a big role in what we did next. We were running back and forth to start and stop the pressure washer, this wasted to much time. The set up and tear-down took more time. The hoses we need to do some jobs were getting longer and longer we have had over 400 feet of hose out on some jobs. Pulling a 400 foot steel-braided hose up and down hills is hard work and was also time consuming. Hoses and unions were always getting stuck in and on the rocks or hitting a coupler while moving it. Hoses will tangling up on vegetation sticks they some how seek out things to become entangled with. In order to soft wash or down-stream we had to start to carry a soap jug and the down-streaming equipment with us, if we reached around 200 ft of hose or it could not draw soap from the truck. It added more time trips back and forth to the truck just more work dragging all this around. We knew there had to be a better way but what could we do? If you guessed; get something different to use you are right. A new unit enters the stable of pressure washers along with new tools and equipment we purchased or built different attachments to use we have written different entries on the attachments, please look at the archives. 

Cleaned by Pete working out of our the service truck.

We looked at what we need to speed up and do a better job on house washing. What we need was a smaller mobile unit, on larger air tires to roll up and down hills and move to where we were washing the home or business. We knew we still wanted heat  for stubborn stains and to help the soap activation but did not need high temperatures. We could drop the power down some and a hose reel with about 100 ft of high pressure hose would be all we needed. A down-stream injector, a gas motor with a direct drive pump in a frame or dollie that was smaller than either of the skid units and most of all something that would last in one package was what was needed. We found a unit that met most of the needs: a commercial quality pressure washer with a 110 volt electric burner for heating the water when needed to 190 degrees tops more like 160 constant run, no onboard  generator saving weight, we'll have to use a powercord and plug it in to the house's electric to run the burner.  The power washer has a 15hp motor, 4000 psi @ 4 gpm direct drive pump. We set up a down-stream injector and coupled in a hose reel with 100 feet of high grade hoses which can bypass the heater and run directly off the pump, installed ball valves and quick connects for easy change over of guns and other equipment. It has a frame to protect the unit form roll overs and large air tires for ease of movement. With a few tweeks and redoing things for minor improvements we had a new unit for house washing, We can move this unit to where we need to clean and it has been very serviceable in this area of cleaning.

This show our little pick-up with our house cleaning unit we have added a hose reel since this picture speeding up set-up and pack-up time. If you look you can see another cold water unit the blue one on the silver-gray frame it also is on air tires we built this unit and the frame as well it is a 16 hp gas engine, with a 4000 psi at 4 gpm AR pump with a nickle head for long live.

I will have another instalment on more of the gas pressure washers we use, and discuss them and there uses. As you can see one pressure wash is not the best for all jobs we do. Different jobs require different washers. Do you need: heated water, more or less pressure, how many gallons per minute, mobility, a larger motor size, onboard 110 volt generators, and the over all physical size of the unit has to be thought about. Hey all power washers have good points and bad points some work better for this and others for that, while you can use one to fit many needs it just may not be as efficient. This is why it is hard to rent or buy a power washer to use around the house for all your cleaning needs. It is why we have all types of washer from small to large, hot water cold water or steam, high pressure to low pressure, more or less gallons per minute and skid units to mobile units even carry abouts, gas or electric, we'll have a machine that fits your need or job. We have talked about the total cleaning units of pressure washers here and in other entries, if you would like, you can see we're keeping up our total cleaning units no matter what unit we use (psi x gpm = tcu hot water is just a plus).

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

House Washing Wednesday: The Unwanted Tenant

 House Washing Wednesday
the unwanted tenant

There is no need to live with that unwanted tenant, you know the one living on the siding of your home. Cleaned by Pete can remove these tenants. Yes Mr Algae and Mrs Mold are living on your home they especially like living on vinyl siding but will take up residents on brick, block, wood, stone and other surfaces too. While Pete is removing these two and their family of other characters, likens, mildew, stains and dirt your home becomes the envoy of the neighborhood. A clean home is a healthy home, you would not eat the orange in the picture. Why would you put up with living in a house with these tenants? There were not a lot of options of help, but now there is Cleaned by Pete.

Pete has put together a video made up from pictures of a house washing job. Starting with pictures of the walk around, then putting soap and cleaners on, washing the home and then the results you can see what he sees as this home is cleaned. Safe soap and chemicals, safe soft washing or power washing when needed. Call Cleaned by Pete for any questions 417-459-7869. Servicing Southwest and the greater Springfield MO area. Southwest MO has the right conditions that help these contaminants to continue to grow on your home. It is not your fault they are there but it is your choice whether they will stay.

We wish to thank all our customers and look forward to serving you, for your all your power washing and cosmetic cleaning needs.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The "Water Dragon"

Pete made  a referral to the Power Wash Store and to their new power washing / roof washing skid in the last post, here is a short video the Power Wash Store  has put together and posted to YouTube. 

Published on Feb 18, 2013
Power Wash Store Water Dragon Hot Water Truck Skid. 8gpm@3500psi hot water skid, General pump, Pulsar unloader, remote, Electric Titan hose reel, full frame low pressure and supply line hose reels, Delavan Fatboy for low pressure chemical application w/ FloJet accumulator, 100 gal supply tank with Hudson float valve, two 55 gal chemical tanks with bases, all securely fastened to the 
78" x 48" aluminum skid.

My opinion for what it is worth
I do believe this is the future in the power washing industry. It's size and footprint plus its all-in-one package lends itself to house washing and other specialized fields in the pressure washing industry. I for one will be glad to see those "pressure washing trailers" as a thing of the past. As more contractors turn to smaller, more efficient, and a more attractive package. As the song says "times they are a change n'" and the power washing industry is not exempt.

In the "pressure washing field" there will always be a need for trailers in the field of parking-lot or high-rise parking cleaning, the shear size of the equipment it takes to clean such a complex you have will have to have larger hauling trailers for the equipment and washers. Cleaning in the oil fields command larger units and mobility. Commercial cleaning or the restorations of the exterior of buildings also would command a large unit on a trailer. These are not the "trailer units" that I am speaking of, large commercial cleaning is a whole other type of cleaning and large trailers are need to haul equipment around.

These new packages "skids" will use less gas and oil, with the newer technology, equipment, advancements made in soaps, chemicals (which can be carried aboard this unit in one of the 3 tanks) this industry has a brighter future. The uses of the large truck it took to pull that 16 foot trailer all around town, hauling 300 gallons of water and 100 to 200 gallons of "cleaner" around  will no longer be need as much. I remember those days hauling that trailer around, not wanting to but: having to taking up 4 parking spots, trying to back-up in small tight places, blocking part of the neighbors drive-way, trailers are just ineffective in today's house and roof cleaning world. House washing and roof washing systems are making a leap into the future so as contractors we should too streamlining and taking on a new look to match a image we wish to portray one of being a professional cleaner. Cutting cost on maintenance, tires, gas or diesel fuel (just think if only one gallon each day per truck was saved). This all will be helping the "Power Washing Industry" to be better environmental stewards for our world. Each small step will lead to a better future.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pressure Washers & Pick-ups: Why use them?

This is our second instalment on what and why Cleaned by Pete use the pressure washer he does. The first instalment was about electric washers This is about our choice of transportation of these units. Please watch out for the later instalments one on our gas pressure washers and one on propane steam units and "steam jennys".

First let me say I am by no means an expert in the growth of this industry I have only be in the business on and off since the early 90's. I started in hood washing, cleaning restaurant, range hoods, filters, ducking and fans. While moving into concrete cleaning and other business cleaning along with the hood cleaning. Now getting closer to retirement all the time we still have commercial accounts where we clean gum, concrete, drive thrus, sidewalks and store fronts. Washing windows and awnings also for business. We now mostly wash residential homes and projects from BBQ, patios to lawn furniture to name a few things. Specializing in washing homes of multiple stories and surfaces  consisting of soft-wood, hard board, brick, stone, native rock, block, vinyl siding, steel siding, painted, metal, stucco, concrete along with other types of materials and construction.

We use to pull this around to wash with back then if you did not have a large trailer you were not really a pressure washing pro. You had to have a trailer and if yours was bigger you were the best. Glad these ideas are slowly dieing out.

Today's pressure washing trailers are getting more compact and the footprint of the pressure washer is getting smaller all the time too. They may be getting smaller but they are also getting more powerful and efficient.
Low pressure roof washing skids took up the whole bed of a full sized pick-up.
Today the Power Wash Store offers a skid unit that has both a roof washing and pressure washing system with soap and chemical tanks and hose reels. A real all in one unit that is ready to go by just adding water. This is the talk of the industry just being released this week and fits in a short bed pick-up with some room left over. 
This is our service pick-up built over 5 years ago and has been in service since then we have washed and cleaned all types of homes, business, sidewalks and other projects form this unit.
Carrying all equipment aboard and having a heated Landa pressure washer, hose reels and an area above the pick-up to work off of makes this our all in one service unit. Who would have ever thought that when we built this it would be the future footprint of pressure washing.
We also use our second pick-up outfit to aid in the services we provide. Taking just what we need and a backup washer we no longer need to pull the large trailer around with us. Investing in two dedicated service trucks for our company shows we are the true professional. We need not use the family's transportation to pull a large trailer around just to haul water and a pressure washer.

Washing systems are moving to a smaller footprint all the time now you can by a "pressure washer" and a "soft wash roof cleaning" system all in one still carrying all you soaps and chemicals aboard with ladder racks and hose reels that all fit into the back of a short bed pick-up. Cleaned by Pete use to have the big 12 to 16 foot trailer he hauled around carrying water and the washers plus the power generator aboard but at the end of last year we broke it all down. One reason was hauling water, most of our clients have running water and we can use the water supply where we are cleaning. This area was under a drought last year and since we service other areas water issues arose. Where the water came from and where it was to be used was becoming more important. The cost of hauling water with gas up so high was also a deciding factor also by the time the water made it to your job site it was costing you more than using the water tap at your home. After breaking down the trailer we went to using just the pick-up trucks and a small trailer when called for. This in-turn wound up saving money on gas, oil, tires, maintenance and insurance which we passed on to you our clients. Also in doing this we feel we are doing our part to help save and do our part in being good stewards of our world. Our main service truck has been our work horse for over 5 years and continues to preform the job it was intended to. It has a small footprint using less gas and oil and is easier to move around than that big old trailer which we were using less and less. We all had trailers back in the day of the hood cleaning business. I found them to be too large to manoeuvre at times. Took longer to walk around and set up from and to work off of, this is when I decided there had to be a better way. The company I worked for soon moved the cleaning tools, equipment and operations in to vans. Vans were better but the lack of head room and getting to things was at times just pain hard if not impossible. We tried many ideas and worked with it. I found the pick-up truck the best of the best for my uses. When I set this unit up I took everything I had learned, needed and wanted went into the building of this pick-up. It is quick to set up, easy to work off of, carries all the tools and equipment we use, can be serviced readily, its short wheel base makes it manoeuvrable and the cat walk on top offers a work area helping us make cleaning higher areas easier.

Now all these years later it looks like the "next big thing" in the industry is catching up to me and my old pick-up. I am not saying this setup works for all types of cleaning in this industry but it has served us for years. If you see us pull up you know why we don't pull that big trailer around behind. It is because we are the next big thing.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

House Washing Wednesday

House Washing Wednesday

Cleaned by Pete: house washing for the Southwest and greater Springfield MO area.

We post pictures of home we wash in the greater Springfield MO area each Wednesday. Today's home is:

Insert picture of your home here!

With a simple call to 417-459-7869 for a free prompt estimate

Cleaned by Pete can take your home from dull to dazzling with a house wash.

Using the latest safe methods for cleaning and environmentally safe cleaners. 

"Many Thanks for a job very welldone! The day after Pete cleaned my house he drove past on an errand, saw something that didn't meet his standards, I didn't notice it, but returned and did that part over again! Pride in your work is something one doesn't see very often. Alive and well at Pete's. Thanks again!"
 "Yes! I called you ... I should have told you how awesome of a job you did - you did!"
  "totally awesome!"


Monday, February 18, 2013

Electric Pressure Washers: Why we use them

We have talked about being mobile and the advantages that it gives to our customers. The ability to come to the job sight saving them time, money and work. Sometimes we the, professional cleaner, are asked to do a different job or a new cleaning service that we normally do not do. Cleaned by Pete has invested in several different units to do these types of jobs, like we say having the right tools and equipment for the right job. These electric units come in handy doing certain jobs they are small and portable. While I would not want to wash a home with one there is no reason I could not, the Can Spray unit as well as the other electric washer we own and use are industrial and commercial grade equipment.

We were once asked to clean a small basement after a flood here in town. The job was to big to wash by hand and yet to small and delicate to use the big washer. We had to adjust, the small drain could not handle large amount of water and the confined space and stairs limited what we could use. We opted to use one of the electric units we have.

Cleaned by Pete has several types and sizes of units for you cleaning needs
Starting in the hood cleaning part of the industry we learned early that we could not access all the kitchen or venting systems with the bigger power washers. The Cam Spray unit pictured may look like a small electric unit you might purchase at the "big box store", but look inside you'll find an industrial pressure washer.

Inside the electric unit you see a biplex Hypro pump.

Inside you will also find a 1 1/2 horsepower120 volt motor.
We could carry and manoeuvre this unit through the house down the stairs and into the basement, use a short hose and clean up after that flood. We could have put a pressure hose through the casement window (which was nailed and painted shut) or ran back and fort through the house. Not wanting to track up the stairs or the house we figured this was the best option for this job. In the picture below you can see another one of our electric units this is our "bare bones unit", Bones, the one with the square carrying handle. Bones is one of the hood cleaning holdovers.

Pictured some of the pressure washers and equipment Cleaned by Pete has for your cleaning needs, for use in South-west and the greater Springfield MO area.
You're looking at it saying why would you keep that thing when you have other electric units well what makes this special is you can run "hot water" trough it. This little unit has hot-water seals in the pump making it very useful to clean the grease on those old hoods with hot water from hot water tank at the restaurant. You also see a 6 1/2 hp gas motor with a wobble pump on it, this is a back up unit ready in-case we are on a job and a pump or motor goes down we have something to finish. We have equipped all our service units with quick connects or adaptors and are able to change hose out if needed we can even switch to the "metric style" hoses if needed. Using these smaller units usually means a smaller job so we have high pressure hoses in lengths form 4 feet on up, we like 12 feet to 20 feet the best. There is no scene taking a 50 ft hose to use in a 16 foot space, we have our high pressure hoses in different lengths or runs so all we have to do is pick the leads and length we need for the job. Hauling them to the roof or down to a basement, inside and through spaces you want to take only what you need, and make as few trips as possible. Referring back to the post on poles and attachments to see that we use different guns and can build any style of lance via the quick connect system on all our attachments.

Small pump use to clean A/C coils or other applications where you have to carry in or up water and cleaner. This is a self priming pump and draws from a bucket or small tank.
As described above the blue electric washer is also commercial grade, having an one horse power motor, an all brass hypro pump, we're able to run cleaner or water through it, from a bucket, sink or small tank. It has been use up on roofs and in some tight spots, this is the only unit we have that has dedicated hoses, tips and wands it is very portable and used for specific jobs. These are just some of the electric unit we have, believing we have the right unit, type or size for most jobs we will encounter. I will discuss the several different sized unit we have that are gas powered and why we have several of them in the next entry. Call Cleaned by Pete at 417-459-7869 for a free prompt estimate and visit our web sites Cleaned by Pete or Power Washing Springfield MO, follow and "like"us on facebook.

One last thought here, while you do not need this specialized equipment to wash with we feel it helps and gives us an edge on competitors. I'm not saying others can’t clean or compete using a big gas unit or a smaller cold water gas unit to get the smaller or special job done. It is just that Cleaned by Pete has invested in this equipment committing to our customers the best while making it easier, saving time, energy, water, other natural resources such as gas, oil and saving money all the while not sacrificing quantity doing the best job each and every time.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to Pick a Local Power Washing Contractor

Mr, Mrs, or Miss; Homeowner or Business Owner

When you decide to choose power washing contractors is not easy. If your looking to get your house washed, concrete cleaned, deck washed, graffiti removed, stains lifted or general clean-up it is a big decision you have to make. You're intrusting your home or business to that contractor. You are offered up misleading advertising, confusing claims, and just bad information. Super-low prices and high pressure sales, to unqualified contractors touting nearly worthless methods, how do you ever find a qualified, competent, professional local power washing contractor?

You start by reading this blog to inform and arm yourself with real-world information and photos on power washing. We're hoping you discover how to weed-out power washing rip-offs, misconceptions of cosmetic cleaning, how to avoid a contractor that is just out for fast money, real information helping you to protecting your investment.

Cleaned by Pete is dedicated to our residential and business consumer helping with education and service. We welcome your question and will gladly answer your questions by telephone 417-459-7869 or through e-mail. We have been writing this blog to help guide you and better understand the power washing industry.

After reading this blog, you will be able to make an informed, intelligent decision when hiring a local pressure washing contractor.

You know your making some kind of a waves, when you get "others" in the industry telling you, your doing the wrong thing posting the information and pictures that I do on this blog. You're letting your competitors and other people know what you're doing and the tools you are using. Well if my competitors need that information to compete with me that is fine it shows who is the best here in the South-west MO area. If they do not know how to clean a house, wash concrete, what cleaner to use or how to use power washing equipment: they are not a professional and should not be in business?

I have been telling these nay-say-ers it is the customer that I write this blog for, to inform them about the basic operations of power washer. It reminds me of the old saying the guilty dog barks the loudest, or the line from Shakespeare "ye protest to much" sometimes the nonprofessional does want the true light to shine. Those out for a quick buck do not what you to know what they are doing, most do not plan to be around next year. Cleaned by Pete wants you let you know what we do and what things to look out for. We feel even if we do not get your business this time at least we help out in some small way, helping you make your decision on whom to pick.

 No matter what I do I can not make up another persons mind, I can not weed out the contractors that do not know what they are doing. The misinformation that is out there, claims this works, don't use this cleaner, use this not that, or high verse low. It is you the customer that will pick the cosmetic cleaner you want, you will intrust your home to them, and you will pick whom you like. All I can do is try to help educate prospective clients both residential and business in this matter. Cleaned by Pete strives to be the best water pressure cleaning contractor, so if some other person is picked for a job that is the customers choice.

As far as exposing the "trade secrets", what equipment, tools, methods or cleaners Cleaned by Pete may use; looking at pictures and descriptions probably won't help these "contractors" too much. We're here to let you know what Cleaned by Pete does and the tools we use, yes we are trying to be your power washing contractor. Helping you to make an informed decision is also one of our goals we are quite sure if you are informed our chances of being you power washer is very good.

To sum up this entry: just because you see something does not mean you know or understand how to use it. We have all seen a helicopter before. Calling yourself a "contractor" because they bought a power washer, looking at pictures of our equipment and tools here, does that mean they know what they are doing? Information is the key, ask questions, look for things, discuss topics, methods and cleaning products with prospective contractors and then make an informed decision. We hope it is Cleaned by Pete in Springfield and the South-west MO area, we would like to work for you. Find us on facebook.

Gumbusters "gum removal"

Pete is always on the lookout for products, soaps, tools and equipment to make Cleaned by Pete the best locally owned pressure / power washer in our area. Pete is an authorized applicator of F9 the worlds best remover of red / orange battery acid, fertilizer stains and other stains on or in concrete, stucco and other surfaces. His latest purchase in field equipment  is a "Gumbuster" an attachment to aid in heating up and softening petrified gum for removal. Pete now uses hot water and pressure to remove gum but this tool looks like it will save fuel, that we use to heat-up the water. The "Gumbuster" has its own heating source and use high pressure cold water to pop off the gum. Pete is always looking for new methods of cleaning and how to help save our environment in a small way this will help, without sacrificing our quality of the job. We'll know more with further  long-term testing, stay tuned for our long-term results.
Propane powered heat and water pressure make short work of gun on you concrete. Cleaned by Pete washes and cleans concrete in Springfield MO with tools like this and products like F9 and EBC.

We always say the right tools for the right job, Cleaned by Pete is ready to battle your unsightly gum blobs. Call "Gumbusters" Cleaned by Pete for a free prompt estimate 417-459-7869 for your gum-busting needs.

Looks like some thing you would see in the "Ghostbusters" movie "Peter don't let the streams cross.". Yes this is a real tool not a movie prop and is just part of our gum-busting arsenal used in getting your concrete as clean as possible

Gum and side-walk cleaning in Springfield MO, Cleaned by Pete.

Drive thru and side-walk cleaning preformed by Cleaned by Pete in the greater Springfield MO area.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

House Washing Wednesday

House Washing Wednesday

House Washing Wednesday home Cleaned by Pete have washed call for a free prompt estimate 417-459-7869.
House washing Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO

House washing Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO

House washing Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO

House washing Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO

House washing Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO

House washing Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO

House washing Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Graffiti Removal; Cleaned by Pete in Springfield MO

Tagging Graffiti Removal Springfield MO

Our main field is power or pressure washing but the we also do other types of cleaning jobs too. While graffiti removal can involve a power washer in some case we may not need one. We were called out to do some tagging removal today. We were able to do two of the removal jobs but the third job we had to decline because it was a new building and had a stucco finish with paint that had been up for about a month. We could not remove the graffiti, tagging, with out bruising or shadowing the new paint, it was best to repaint in this case. Here are a few pictures of what jobs we did do. Thank you for visiting our blogs and hope they help you. Remember Call Cleaned by Pete for any questions you may have concerning power / pressure washing in the greater Springfield MO area.
Before  and a photo of an office that was hit by a tagger, Cleaned by Pete is working on the tag here. This was small and fresh enough to remove with the chemicals and then neutralized with water. Graffiti removal in Springfield MO.
Graffiti, tagging removed from brick office front Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO.
Same tagger here, but retagging a sign this tag has 3 tags and 4 different colors and types  of paint look closely and you can see the layers and different styles and tags in there. Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO graffiti & tagging removal.
4 different tags on this side; tagging with your tag over someone’s tag is the main idea of this game. Before and after Graffiti removal Cleaned by Pete in Springfield MO. Hopefully with removing the tag other taggers won't be looking to tag-over so it remains clean. There is still some slight shadowing we can not get it all every time.
Doing a small part as a sample showed the owners what  Cleaned by Pete could do for them. Removing graffiti and tagging in Springfield MO with environmental safe cleaners and chemicals.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Soap & Cleaner Slinging

No matter how many gpm and psi your pump puts out, no matter how big your pressure washer or motor is: if you can not get soap and cleaner on your project you'll be working with only water pressure. While this may be OK for dirt, mud and other loose soil. Working harder is not the way we work here at Cleaned by Pete. With modern cleaners and soap we can work faster and save water and us less gas or electricity.

In order to do this we first need to get these soaps, cleaners and activators on to your home or project. I have been talking about attachments and I pictured a few soapers and foamers in the blog about poles. Now we are here to talk about these attachments.
These are some of the tools "attachments" Cleaned by Pete uses to deliver soap and cleaners onto your home or project.
There is a science behind industrial cleaning products with chemist and engineers at work to better their products. We would be silly if we did not take full advantage of their work and discovery’s. The professional cosmetic cleaner picks and use safe cleaners on your home or businesses. Using the best cleaners and soap we cut our work cost while reducing runoff, saving water, having to work not as hard and achieve better results. We call it working smarter not to work harder.

These attachments deliver soap at a low pressure to your home at a metered level and a safe pressure for the most delicate surfaces.
A wide soap nozzle at the end of a pole is our first step in cleaning your home. Cleaned by Pete working in Springfield MO applying a light spray of water and cleaner.

A good spray to show you the cleaners starting to work almost instant the cleaners go to work and start cleaning off years of dirt, mildew, algae and crud. Cleaned by Pete using a "foamer" here to reduce splash back since we’re under a porch.

Applying soap and cleaners on to a home, Cleaned by Pete applies the cleaner and lets it work. Some cleaners have been oxygenated and will start to foam and bubble to lift dirt from the walls. Adding other cleaners and chemicals to then kill the algae and other organism growing on your home, then we work it in and rinse. Sometimes we have to repeat the soaping to get it cleaned.
We may use a down-streamer to clean your home. This process we leave the soaps at the pump and this attachment will draw metered soap from a jug into the hose after the pump under low pressure. When the nozzle is changed it will close due the injector due to the high pressure in the hose caused by the smaller opening in the nozzle. Using different soap or low-pressure nozzles with the injector will give us different results on delivery from a fan spray to a straight stream and even foam. We even have nozzles to reach two or three stories. To help reach higher we use the range of poles as shown before.
Soap injector used in down-streaming.
Some of the nozzles Cleaned by Pete uses with the soap injector.

To deliver soap or cleaners at the point of exit we use special attachments as foamers, M-X5's, cannons or soap injectors nozzles. These attachments have a hose attached and draw the soap or cleaner into the water stream at the end of the lace, pole or gun. You will notice a long hose in a jug of cleaning solution we have to carry this jug of cleaner around with us. Cleaned by Pete use this method when foaming or if it is cold. The attachments pull the soap and cleaners from the jug into the exiting water stream. We can sometimes deliver more cleaner to the home's surface with these. Then we change them out for traditional nozzles for scrubbing and rinsing.
You see here a M-X5 soap thrower and rinser with both high and low pressure settings. The M-X5 also has a varied fan sprays, for "all in one cleaning unit". An adjustable foamer the black object with the large barrel attached to the clear hose. The one with the two barrels is an adjustable soaper / rinser used with the down-streaming unit described above, The larger item is an adjustable soap cannon this attachment mixes soap and cleaners into a lather by introducing air in to several small chambers. The adjustability  on these units allows us to let more or less soap into the stream of exiting water this again saves resources by letting us use just enough soap for the job that is needed.
Now if you see us using some of these attachments or toting around a jug of soap or cleaner you know what we are using them for. Cleaned by Pete use these to apply different cleaners too. You will see us use them on decks, stains on concrete, auto restoration and cleaning and other different projects. While the cleaners will all be different the application of the cleaners will be basicly the same. You may see us this summer with a new washer that we are working on it will have a larger tank with our house cleaners in it but we will be metering the flow of the cleaner through a 12 volt pump. We feel we can get a better flow of cleaner by pumping the solution into the hose, instead of letting the low-pressure water just draw it in. Allowing us to save water, cleaner and streamlining the operation.

Cleaned by Pete is your local cosmetic cleaner call us for a free prompt estimate and like us on facebook. For more information and to contact us visit us at Cleaned by Pete or Power Washing Springfield MO.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pressue, Soft, Power, Cosmetic, Water Pressure Cleaner

Well what are we I find it hard to keep up with what we are this year apposed to last year or the year before. Most of us do the same thing to some extent or the other, we wash or clean objects with some form of water pressure. Now weather it is low pressure or high-pressure it is still pressure. These days we all want to find a nitch or some-thing that will set us a part in the industry. This is where the question of what are we comes in; pressure washer, power washer, mobile contract cleaner, soft washing, high pressure washing, wood restoration, house washing, water pressure washing, cosmetic cleaner, mobile washing contractor, along with other titles that have been bandied about over the years. There are new categories for us to advertise each year and they keep changing too. This all make a difference where we will be placed of the key words to use now and in the future.

We all want to be found on the internet and I'm not the best with the search engines or I would be working in that field instead of washing. Cleaned by Pete does well locally and that is really all we need to keep going we are small and do not travel great distances for jobs. We do well in several fields when looking up a local washing contractor. We lack behind when looking for "pressure washing" I really never felt that this name was the best for what our company does and never used it much, this is why we lag behind in the look-ups and what is displayed. So to help get us noticed I made a new video posted it on YouTube that I hope helps us get noticed. With more views we will become stronger on the search engines. So I am posting it here and at our other blog for viewing thanks for the views and your support of these blogs.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

House Washing Wednesday

It's time for "House Washing Wednesday" here is a house that Cleaned by Pete has washed in the greater Springfield MO are. If we can help you with a house washing call us for a free prompt estimation on you home, 417-459-7869.

Mold, algae, mildew and mosses getting you down. Cleaned by Pete can help.

Does your home look dull or dirty? call Cleaned by Pete

Blasting this off with a high pressure washer is not the answer, soft washing provided by Cleaned by Pete is the safe way to have you home cleaned and washed.

Working with low pressure and environmental safe cleaners, Cleaned by Pete can change that dull looking vinyl siding to looking like it was put up last week.
Getting rid of what is growing on your home is healthy Cleaned by Pete can safely remove what is on your home call for a free prompt estimate.  
This home was Cleaned by Pete

Cleaned by Pete is "cleaning up Springfield MO one house at a time"

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mobile Cleaning & Power Washing

One of the biggest advantage in our line of work is we are mobile. There is no need for you to load up your project and haul it here or there to get it cleaned. Hauling something down to the local "car-wash" is taking your time and a lot of work not to speak of your now dirty clothing and getting back in your car or pick-up hoping the dirt does not transfer. Spending $1.50 to start and .25 cents for time after that, it use to cost me $5 to $10 plus before I made it out of there. Never getting it quite clean enough, having enough change or the pressure was not there to do the job you wanted. We come over and use your water and clean what you need or want us to with out getting change, loading it up, taking your time and gas to drive it somewhere, and it is just plain hard work. You can also go and rent a power washer at the local U-rentals. Drive down there load it up, probably borrowing a pick-up or trailer to do so, rent the pressure washer for an hour $25.00  but better go for two hours at $32.50, a turbo nozzle for another $10 to $30 dollars to rent. Loaded up, now running home and try to get setup, washed and returned all in the allotted time. The best idea may just be call us: your local "mobile contract cleaner", it is much easier and less work, getting a better job and maybe saving some money too. Cleaned by Pete has several different washers and equipment for different jobs and we are trained and do this this our living. Remember high pressure water can cause serious damage and can maim or hurt you or others around, not being familiar with the machine takes time. You’re renting by the hour or day as time slips away.  Call us for that free prompt estimate, Cleaned by Pete 417-459-7869 we do all types of jobs even small ones. Look for us at Ozarks First .Biz classified adds, Yelp, or Super-Pages to name a few you may always find more information at either Cleaned by Pete or at Power Washing Springfield MO. Keep up with us here or our sister blog House Washing Springfield MO, and like us on Facebook.

Cleaning patio furniture.

Cleaning a FIMA trailer for resale.
Cleaning a lawn mowing machine.

Hot water cleaning a motor and transmission.

Cleaning or washing a play house to restain.
We came in and cleaned or washed these projects for our customers saving them time and work. Sometimes it is just better to have a professional do the job having the right equipment gets the job done easier, quicker, with a whole lot less work and saves time, gas, effort, water and other resources help us to be good stewards of the earth and environment.