Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wash'n Wednesday: Gutter Brightening Ozark MO

Wash'n Wednesday: Gutter Brightening Ozark MO

Just a couple of photos of Cleaned by Pete cleaning and brightening some gutters in Ozark Missouri. Gutters are something that frame your house keeping them bright and clean adds more appeal to a home.

Before then after gutter brightening Cleaned by Pete Ozark Missouri,
Here are a few of the photos of the work.

Gutter brightening by the Ozark's area #1 house washing company, Cleaned by Pete 417.459.7869.

Results like this can be expected when you use Cleaned by Pete for your external house cleaning/washing needs in the greater Springfield MO area.

Gutter brightening in Ozark Missouri, 417.459.7869

Work being done by Cleaned by Pete your #1 choice for house washing in Ozark MO and the surrounding area, 417.459.7869

Cleaned by Pete
just a power washing / house washing company located in Springfield 
serving the greater Southwest MO area

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Using Other's Work as Your Own or Taking Credit Where None is Due

This seems to be a timely topic and one that hit home here at Cleaned by Pete. I have heard more and more contractors say their hard work is being stolen. As total web sites are being copied or just pieces and part are "lifted". Logos are being used without permission. Internet content stealing seems to be on the rise. It is not OK to "lift" parts of someones web sight just because you lack the skills or the will to do it on your own. Well that also seems to be a big game for some in our industry too. Some want to be power washers find it easier to take and use the hard work, internet content, photos, even reputations, and in my case even reenacting a cleaning I did, for their own gain and to build a web sight.

Why is it some companies feel they can take and use work not done by them on their web pages. For every industry there are "stock photos" for use in advertising and to enhance a web sight or page. Does that mean you can use anything you want? For some companies it seems it does. I finished a job and after I loaded up an other local company came by and took pictures of the work they then lead people to believe they had done that work. It's OK with them they are still using it to this day. If you use a stock photo that is OK if you are going to use an other contractor photo give them due credit or at least get permission. Leading customers to you via content or photos that are not yours is unethical to say the least.

The main reason I bring this up is not to bash the other company, it would seem they have no ethics nor care to change their business practices else they would not be doing this. You just have to have a positive outlook on things and try to let others know what is going on. Sure you can say yes, they are using my photo and try to take legal action but is it worth it? It seems that anything is fair game to use claim or promote in this new age of the internet it does not have to even be their work, photo, or job it OK with some to take, take, and take never looking back as long as they can justify it in their own narrow mind. Love hearing the excuse well it was on the internet so anyone can use it.
It is only fair to post this up dated information of what happened after the entry below was put on the internet via the "House Washing Springfield MO" blog. Some of the pictures of the work that was done by Cleaned by Pete but claimed to be their work, were quietly removed from parts of their web pages. Even though one still appears in their header slide show. I guess they still have not done any work themselves well enough on their own to fill this slot. Still using another persons work touting it as their own! They removed all the links from the other pictures to their web pages also. leaving no reference to them, but the one of Cleaned by Pete's work on the patio, pool and outside kitchen is still being used in their header slide show. I still find it sad that other companies have to use other's work to promote what they can not do themselves. If a company does claim to do excellent work why not show it off? If you don't show your work but instead use another persons work, what does that say for your company? If you claim to be a power washing company then show your work from jobs you have done. Don't pass off another companies work as yours. Don't you have just one excellent photo of your work? It would appear they don't or they would use it. Customers need to take time to question and ask contractors about needed work please don't just assume they know what they are doing cause they have a photo of work that has been done it may not even be their work as in this case. You can also look at it this way if it was not wrong why then did they remove some of the photos and references to them. What a "hoot" know you're wrong but not admitting it fully by the action you took, removing just part of them. One must keep a positive outlook on things and keep moving forward, even if others take a shadier way in their business practices.

The original entry as posted

You can find just about anything on the internet, even if your not looking for it. Being one of the established and premier power / pressure washer here in the Springfield MO area, we are all about getting our name out when we can. Cleaned by Pete puts up or out pictures of his work. This very blog and its' sister blog you can find pictures and photos of the work that Cleaned by Pete has done. Our facebook page we regularly post picture and photos of our work. Youtube and any of our four web-sites contain pictures of our work. Cleaned by Pete wants to show you what we do and give you an idea of how we can help you with your cleaning needs. Pictures and photos are one of the best way we can convey this information.
Sometimes you can find a picture of your work but it has someone else's name on it. Pictures and inferences are open to interpretation on the web. They can implied they did it, even though they didn't come out and just say they did, some how this is OK with some other business owners. 
If you see work pictures and photos posted here and on any of our other media, it has been done by Cleaned by Pete unless stated. We don't have to barrow work photos from others. We did the work and have pictures of the job. It may seem that some still feel it is OK to let you think that since they have taken a picture and placed it on their web-site even though it is not their work and has been preformed by some other company, it's still OK. They really never said they did the work, they are just using the photo of the work preformed.
 Outdoor kitchen cleaning service Springfield MO

Outdoor entertaining areas, BBQ's and outside kitchen areas, Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO. This is one of our regular customers entertaining ares we clean and maintain for them. If we can help you with your outside kitchens, entertaining areas, patios or pool deck cleaning; call us at 417.459.7869

**This photo was found on an internet look up. It is of work preformed by Cleaned by Pete though the photo was not taken by Cleaned by Pete.
Cleaned by Pete cleaning the out side entertain area and kitchen also cleaning the pool deck and walk-ways.

A Cleaned by Pete photo cleaning the out-door kitchen and area around the pool.

Pool deck and furniture washed and cleaned ready for a new season a Cleaned by Pete photo.

Patio and pool deck cleaning, maintaining and cleaning those out-side: kitchen, BBQ, entertainment, and patio areas, a Cleaned by Pete photo.
The four photos above were taken on the job by Cleaned by Pete You can still see our hi-pressure hoses, spray gun and lance in the photos. Our maintenance package can also include gathering and vacuuming all your cushions cleaning the tables and chairs we can even add a disinfectant to the wash mix. Using a dry industrial steam cleaner to clean and maintain your built-in BBQ. Dry steam is use in hospitals and in food service areas and we can bring it to your home. You can not power wash a "new modern" BBQ with lights, temp sensors, electronic ignitions, and digital read-outs dry steam is the only way to go. We'll stack and vac the cushions and wash down everything when dry we or you as the home owner has the option of putting them back out when needed. Cleaned by Pete works with each home owner to meet the needs that they want or wish. Spring time clean up we will wash and vacuum that green and yellow pollen away. We also remove ash form your fire pits, fire places and wood fired BBQ if needed. Let us build a custom package for you.

Cleaned by Pete
serving the greater Springfield MO area
power, pressure and soft washing

Monday, October 6, 2014

Fence Cleaning Springfield MO

Just some shameless self promotion, part of the job Cleaned by Pete did today. All three photos are from the same location.

Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO fence cleaning.

Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO fence cleaning.
Cleaned by Pete
just a power washer in the Springfield MO area

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Winter's Most Reliable Natural Forecaster

 Folklore, wives' tales, the oldtime ways, nature's ways, what ever you want to call it, Here in the Ozarks it is take quite seriously and taken as gospel truth.

Being located in Missouri now I have learned you must put stock in the old wives' tales. More often than not they seem to be right. From plating to harvesting and even the weather can all be predicted by mother nature.  You just have to be wise enough to read the signs. This is one time the old locals just wait for. They wait all year and take a lot of stock in the persimmon forecast here in the Ozarks, a region in Southwest MO.

The Persimmon Forecast

Cut open a persimmon seed. (Find persimmon fruit in your supermarket. It should be locally-grown to reflect your weather.)
Look at the shape of the kernel inside.
  • If the kernel is spoon-shaped, lots of heavy, wet snow will fall. Spoon = shovel!
  • If it is fork-shaped, you can expect powdery, light snow and a mild winter.
  • If the kernel is knife-shaped, expect to be "cut" by icy, cutting winds.
It's best to use ripe seeds.

That's it! Now, what did you see?

"Around this time each year, Melissa Bunker of Star, North Carolina (AKA, “The Persimmon Lady”), sends us her winter prediction based on opening up some persimmon seeds. 

Traditional lore is that if the seeds are shaped like forks, winter will be mild; 
if they are shaped like spoons, there will be a lot of snow; 
and if they are shaped like knives, winter will be bitingly cold.
Here’s what Melissa had to say:

Here is the 2014/15 persimmon readout. Never have seen all spoons before!!! Tell the readers to prep for lots of snow. Even our ground hornets are moving up into our pecan tree.

Thanks, Melissa! We hope to hear from you again next year.
Have you cracked into any persimmon seeds? If so, where are you from and what did you see?"
So dig in get ready winter will be here and it going to be a bad one. The older folks in the area here are touting is as one of the worst we will see. Other signs and tales also predict it will be a long winter also. 
Cleaned by Pete
just a power washer, washing and cleaning the
greater Springfield MO area

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ebb and Flow

The power washing business is one that relies on alot of different factors, well at least mine does. We relay on a couple of painters we do prep work for, a couple of contractors and builders, and a stone mason or two. If they slow down I also slow down, typically August and September are slow in the building trades thus I try to put on more house washing if possible. This year is has been good to us not bragging just a statement. With summer over our patio cleaning business is also slowing down as well as cleaning those outside eating areas for our commercial clients. Cooler temps mean less folks eating outdoors. Snow will soon be covering the sidewalks and the use of salts and ice-melts will lead to jobs this spring. The ebb & flow, plan for it have those sales pitches ready.

Now all this is based on my location also, I will work as long as it does not become a safety issue for clients or my machines. When we did KEC it was a year round job and income keeping the van with the washer and supplies in a heated building. Keeping it warm and ready to go year round. Trailers and other set ups are harder to find a large heated area to use. Heating a large area keeping equipment and supplies also takes more money. Budgeting to pull you through lean times has always been with us here in the Midwest. The more north you go the smaller the season gets and winterizing become more important, you have to budget or find other incomes during these times. I can not take on a part-time job at a store for the reason, my business comes first if someone should need "Cleaned by Pete" and conditions are right I will be doing that cleaning when the customer need it. Building and growing my business. It does put us in a hardspot, what do we do? Feeding the family comes first and as small business owners we have to compromise somewhat.

I don't know about carpet cleaning that much I know that with the proper equipment I have seen them cleaning year round. Our brothers in the other fields as painting can move inside for winter jobs. The construction trades can also move inside if they have walls and a roof up. But a person who is specializing in house washing or concrete cleaning doing outside work is at the mercy of the seasons. Being on call to grow your business is a must taking on small jobs or cleanings may be something one has to do to get by. I'm very "old school" in regards to putting food on the table and a roof over the families head. If I can do it I will. It is harder to clean in the winter and more precautions are needed and have to be taken, all part of working with water and being a power washer.

We as an industry are linked and tied to others no matter what field of washing we take, from residential to commercial. Depending on the area you live or work in we are also tied and linked to the seasons and weather in general. I use to worry about it alot more than I do now, but if you take it day by day and build your business step by step along the way you will be a success. If it was easy you would not see the 1 or 2 year turnover in power / pressure washing companies that we do. With less job this time a year it is easy to blame them. A new crop comes in and pops up every couple of years. You may think they are taking your business away. That is a easy blame but only work and perseverance will make your business not getting rid of them will help you. Those that fly-by-night or "low ball prices" will always be there whether is is the group doing it now or the new crop that will spring up next year. Your problem is not them it is all in the ebb and flow of being in the power washing business. Working hard and a never say die attitude is a must in any business but with a little luck and a good business plan you should be able to weather the storm or the ebb & flow of this business. Hang in and hold on, this industry has its' ups and downs but still can be quite rewarding career.