Friday, July 25, 2014

Review of: Spray-Flex Flexible Wand 3000 PSI

Spray-Flex Flexible Wand 3000 PSI

Today while on a house washing job I was asked if I could clean the carport? The customer had moved everything out of the way so I could clean the home's siding. If I had been aware of them wanting this item washed I would have brought along the folding bench scaffolds or a small stepladder. Since I didn't have them I wondered would this work it's been in the tool box and have not had a chance or a need to use it.

Spray-Flex Flexible Wand 3000 PSI

Get flexible, not frustrated. The Flex Wand is the perfect solution for reaching those hard-to-reach washing locations. Bend it, Twist it, or Turn it and it still holds its shape! The Flex Wand takes up to 3,000 pounds of pressure and still holds its shape.

      Features include:
  • 90° flexibility
  • Single Braided
  • 13" Long
  • Inlet: 1/4" MPT
  • Outlet: 1/4" FPT
  • Max. Pressure: 3000 PSI
  • Max. Temp: 190° F
I was just sure that soon as I hit the trigger it would just straighten out  leak, spray water everywhere or spin / flop side to side. To my surprise it held it shape when the pressure was applied, it didn't flop around nor did it leak. I was quite surprised it was working.

The "Flex Wand" Cleaned by Pete use this to help on a job today.

Spray-Flex Flexible Wand 3000 PSI, being tested and review today on a Cleaned by Pete "real world job"

Using it on a 6 foot lance with a high - low adjustable nozzle it took a few positions to find the right angle and to get the sweet spot so as not to fight the lance. Working video below.

As you can see it did not change from the set position. I could reach form the ground to the top of the carport with out any trouble. It did not leak or try to move, flop or twist at all. I was cleaning and moving it quite a bit. Quite a stable product even on a 6ft lance. When I found the correct angle for cleaning the wand was easy enough to hold even while holding and filming with the camera. 
A quick change of angle I could get a better cleaning on the sides of the carport. The results that I had using it today were great. It is a item that will have a place among the other attachments in the tool box.

The flex wand works as described and is handy for getting into and around when power washing. I would have to give it a thumbs up. I was sure that this was not going to work but it does. Things seldom work or live up to expectations in the real world. This attachment does and it saved me time and work today and it is sure a lot smaller to carry than a ladder at least for this job. My house washing unit is 2500 psi at 5 gpm. 

Pictured below is the carport. I first used the foam cannon to apply soaps and cleaners both inside and out. Short dwell time and washed the inside. Then moved to the outside, This is when I knew I need something to help. This seemed to be the right tool for the job.  I then tried it on the gutters it worked well there to a slight angle let you set it to hit the full face of the gutter. A straight on blast instead of one with to much angle from the ground.
Cleaned by Pete readying to clean this carport of a customer, between Bois D'Arc and Springfield MO

Cleaned by Pete readying to clean this carport of a customer, between Bois D'Arc and Springfield MO. Over the years mold, algae, dirt, grime and tree sap have left it in a sad state.

Cleaned by Pete cleaning a carport between Bois D'Arc and Springfield MO for a customer, 417.459.7869

Cleaned by Pete has special tools for special jobs the "Flex Wand" came in and helped me to complete this job.

A cleaned finished carport from Cleaned by Pete

 Thanks for the visite please come back.

Cleaned by Pete 
serving the Springfield MO & surrounding area
power, pressure & soft washing

A few shots of the complete job:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cleaned by Pete's Wash'n Wednesday Brushes and Poles

Brushes and Poles

I guess we can call this a bonus entry. I know a lot of you do not use them they require manual manipulation to make them work. Our caveman forefathers used much the same thing a bush on a stick to clean their caves. Today we are a little more sophisticated with brush heads on telescoping poles, but they are still are only powered by manually moving it. All this technical knowledge and advancements yet we still are the only way it will work. We all have run into a spot where it needs just a bit of scrubbing to get it cleaned. I do not put a ladder on a customers home, if a ladder is required I will us a step ladder. I have found these pole invaluable in our cleaning operations.
All part of our tools and attachments Cleaned by Pete brushes and poles.

Weather I'm using it to remove spider webs before washing, scrapping down the mud dobber nest, removing a bird's nest or the wasp in the corner, poles are my answer. A good brush on the end of a quality pole is a must, to achieve a good job. I also use these poles to do some but not too much window washing for selected customers. You may look at the pictures and wonder if I have gone off the deep end with all those poles. Reach is everything when you need it. If you're scrubbing algae on a wall or removing bird droppings from an awning, a pole is a great thing to having them is several lengths and sizes come in handy.

I'm writing this entry in the blog because I was asked by a fellow washer for some advise. It seems that after washing a stucco home there were still some light staining in places on the home. The picture below being the longest and worst of the lot. The stain is not rust but described as a light black streak.

 What is the best way to address them they asked. They tried as he said "Flintstoneing  it" crawling up a ladder holding on for life and trying to scrub it with a brush in your hand, but the area is also hard to get at. Hard to keep cleaners on a wall when you have one hand to work with. Here is my suggestion to him on the problem. I thought, I could put it all down here just encase someone else would like to read about poles and brushes. Using them to address stubborn areas that don't seem to want to go away.

Poles form 16 feet down to 2 feet Cleaned by Pete has one to fit the cleaning needs.
A view of the poles and brushes used in our cleaning programs.
Poles working from the ground you can get more friction on the area to be cleaned and friction is what cleans and helps to remove the problem. As he said we threw cleaners at it but it didn't want to go away. You need what you feel comfortable with. In our cleaning if I run across a need for something I get a tool to help. Having the correct tool is what I always try to have thus that is why I have this large of selection poles from 16 feet to 2 feet they all have there place in our line-up.

With an attachment or adaptor that I put together it is possible to down-stream cleaners and soaps to the brush head and aid in getting what is need where it is needed. Cleaners pumped or down-streamed to the head of these brushes via the adaptor pictured below lets me use the pressure washer with low pressure to wash, sudzs and scrub up the need item or area. Each of us have what soaps and cleaners we like to use and what each has found to work with our own style and area we work in. I could suggest a cleaner that would work for me but most know what works for them. I'm taking a different approach here getting the cleaners and soaps to the place they need to be aiding in cleaning these stubborn areas.
Via the adaptors I can use a brush on a lance while down-streaming soaps and cleaners to the brush head.
I know most feel that extension poles (the noodle or yellow banana) are of no use but put a brush on them with low pressure add cleaners being delivered at the brush you can get right up and personal with the stain or soiled area. This set up allows us to wash awnings and other areas that need attention. I have used this method of soaping and scrubbing when washing the bus fleet, RVs and campers along with houses and walls that I do. This is my version of a water fed pole. I have been using it for years this way. Just like the foaming tire brush in the self-service car-wash that we all have seen and used. Only now it is with us to use on the mobile operations and expanding the use for more than just tires and wheels.

Poles are poles? Not always look for a good quality pole, buying the best pole will be a long lasting item. Revisit this entry for more information on types of systems on extension poles: . Using your existing lances and extension wands you now own can help keep the cost down if you should need to reach an area or that gutter that may need a bit more attention.

The other part of this answer is on the working end of the pole or lance. It is the brush. I have had several brushes and used and experimented with them. Over the years these are the ones I use. You may find your liking to other designs or brushes.
Cleaned by Pete has these 5 brushes that seem to fit his needs for his cleaning needs.
Starting with the yellow it is a curved face and has strong bristles, I found the green bristle brush a bit stiff for washing on a long pole or 1/4" lance. This yellow brush is for tough and ruff surfaces and does a good job of scrubbing the dirty stuff. I will use this on on concrete and wooden decks. Top row 2nd place is a quality car-washing brush, curved face and lots of full soft split bristles. This brush is great for around doors and for doors I use it with out a pole for touch up, since it holds a lot of soap and water you need not keep dunking it as often. This full curved brush is great for cleaning screens too. Split bristle brushes hold more cleaners and have more surface are to work with. The brush in the middle is a boar's hair brush the softest brush made will not mar or scratch the softest of surfaces or cut the most delicate cloth awning.  These three brushes are plastic composite bodies with soap or cleaner openings for down-streaming. The next two brushes are both considered a car-wash brush. They have a soft non-marring bands around the brush for extra protection and both still have down-streaming openings in the face of the brush. The red brush is stiffer but still fairly soft it is sometimes refereed to as a wheel brush, this brush is my go to brush for vinyl siding. It gives the right amount of pressure and power in the bristles to remove most dirt and heavy build up. The last one is a standard quality car-wash brush go to on the campers and RVs along with the fleets as well as the curved car washing brush only this one is lighter do to less bristles holding water and cleaners. This is also my go to gutter cleaning brush I just like the way it works and the overall size of the brush plus the protective band is great if I loose control or should it slip. The four outside brushes are all synthetic bristles which resist staining the inside brush is all natural bristles and takes extra care to keep it in shape. Each has a place each serves a porous. While I have usually two poles on the truck, I always have these 5 brushes in the box when on the job. Again this is only my list you may not like the brush for doing the job I have suggested but it has worked for me. Only trying them will lead you to what will work for you, the poles are the same thing finding what works for you may take a few different times or uses.
Power washing attachments and tools, brushes and poles.

Cleaned by Pete poles and brushes for cleaning also used in window washing.
From scrubbing a gutter to washing a bus, maybe just removing some oxidation form the siding, or an awning washing these brushes fill a need and work for me. Having the capability of down-streaming soap and cleaners to the brushes head is a time saver. I'm sure you will find new ways to use your pole and brush for other new ways of cleaning. No more spray lay down wand pick up brush scrub then repeat back wards till you start again. Will they work for you? That may be something to look in to. Brushes and poles are another power washing tool or attachment, with some fooling around you just may find it will work for you.

If I was trying to remove and lighten the stains left on the stucco, first I would use a pump up sprayer or trigger spray bottle with a strong house wash mix and apply it to the stained area. Using the red brush proceed to scrub and work it in let it dwell and reapply and work with the brush again then rinse well with a garden hose. If it works great if it made it better try again. Using this method you need not fire up the washer, or you could down stream a strong house wash mix through the red "tire brush" on a lance working it into the different surface areas of the stucco, then rinse, spot cleaning using the power washer to apply and scrub in via the brush and rinse with a 40* nozzle. Again this is only what I would do. Others might address the problem in a completely different manner.

Cleaned by Pete
serving the greater Springfield MO area.

Today 7/26/14 the wife wanted me to drive her to the local discount foods store. While I really did not want to go shopping I drove her there. While at the store I was rewarded for taking her. There they were saying buy me, buy me.... Three brand new Laitner car washing brushes one tri faced and two standard banded brushes. All are soft split bristled no marring brushes for use and cars. You know now they will be use on houses and gutters plus other items too. Keep your eyes open never know when Lady Luck will shine a ray your way. Best of all all three were still under half price of the yellow one.
Laitner brushes just add to the Cleaned by Pete line up for washing / cleaning.

Super soft non marring brushes from Laitner, added to Cleaned by Pete's tool and accessory line up.

Monday, July 21, 2014

2014 Power Washing Games: the timed events

The timed events at the 2014 "Power Washing Games"

Ready ..... set ..... go  and the house washing event is on! Just look at that spray pattern what a technique. Just look at that speed.....

I was going to compete in the Old Man class in this timed event, But over the week-end I was told that I was near fast enough at house washing. With this news in mind I may want to wait till the next years event and games That way I should qualify for the "Dinosaur" class those 60 or above. May stand a chance then. The timed "House Washing" event and accompany trophy is quite a coveted title. One that several of the best of the best strive for. Other events are also very sot after as "drive-way cleaning" but even more is the "commercial concrete" cleaning title. You compete in your class to make things fair but it is all on the honer system, you need not prove your age to  enter that bracket or class. Some lesser events as hose rolling or bucket filling are enjoyed by all. Along with the timed event are the technical events as "pump rebuilding" "burner diagnostic" or even "nozzling for the correct pressure" plus other events that every power washer should know and can participate in.

By now you're asking what is he talking about? Just trying to make a point that:
 we all know there is always someone out there besting everyone else. They claim they do this and that faster and better than any body else. Where it gets to far, is not only their claims to be faster and better but they then go on to tell you why and how you should be power washing like them since they are the only ones that do it right. The internet is a wonder full tool to help grow your power washing business, but it is a tool. Ever wondered why hammers come in so many sizes, weights, and configurations? It so you can pick the right one for the right job that fit your needs. Not the needs of others. Some posting on the internet may or may not have your best interest at heart, braggarts and blowhards are all over the place. Any one can hide behind a persona of a professional. Some are even on there just to promote products or items.

 The more I thought about it and stewed over it, this question came up. What does speed have to do with washing a home. I may be too slow for some other "professional power washers" but I do a thorough job for each of my customers each and every time. Why should I try and have to get done in an hour? My customers deserve the best, They are paying for a service and my high standards that is what I give them. Sure it may take me longer, but the best is worth waiting for. It could be I have a few more miles on me than others. It could be I'm a lot older than most other power washers, but customers are paying for a job not a race. Anything worth doing is worth doing it right is the old saying not Anything worth doing is worth doing fast, really doesn't have the same ring to it does it?

A real professional usually helps to offer suggestions and a means to help you do a job. When they post and immediately start telling you how much money they make on each job, how fast or how good they are, downgrading others or telling you how to do your business it is time to stop listening to them. This all comes from a post on the net, where posters were sucked into a discussion on how fast is fast in the house washing field. What made matters worst is I knew I was being drawn down to a level where I do not compete well. You know the saying "Don't argue with fools they drag you down to their level and whoop you with experience". But still  others and I waded into the fight. I will leave that discussion at that, but the thing I found out was this person with all the answers has been out of washing and cleaning field for quite some time (years on years) but is telling others they are slow and in the same post they told others they are too fast. They have told other they're not working hard enough, they have even told one start-ups that their business plan is wrong and they will fail shortly. Because they are not doing things the way they did so they are wrong. They also stated it does not matter where you live you should be doing it this way and making this much money off each job or wash. If  you are not doing and making this much you are wrong. A house wash is a house wash, mold is mold and algae is algae no matter where you live it is all the same. They are just a ray of sunshine in the power washing field.

The reason I posted this entry is this:  just because you saw it on the internet it is not necessary true. Some may offer advise or help that is fine, but when they start telling you what to do, when to do it, how to do it, how fast or slow to do it, then it may be time to look and reevaluate them for advice. I flash back to when I was working on motorcycles for a living.  A self appointed "internet guru" was giving out how-to and what to do, to a KLR making it run better, faster, and with less problems. Modifying factory settings cutting out the case reinforcing this changing that and what to do with all the greatest gadgets he was selling and besting the factory tuners and engineers. Was he a mechanic? Was he an engineer? Was he factory trained? Well he was a delivery driver for a beer company. He could have been all the other things listed. He could be right but I think the factory gets things fairly close to right before they put out a motorcycle on the market to the general public.

If your starting your power washing business or have been doing it for years take what is on the net with a grain of salt. Not everything is true not everyone's way of doing something is for you. It can work as a short-cut but trust yourself. Check things out ask specific questions the internet cowboy will always trip up somewhere. The trick is not letting their "fail" be on you. No matter what you do there will be someone that claims to be faster, better, make more money, have better tools, have a bigger power washer, a better looking wife and do more business than anyone else. It is up to you to evaluate the source and what you read, hear or see on the internet. Watch out for self-promoters, braggarts, blowhards, internet cowboys and the know-it-all that tell you what to do.

Yes even here on this blog I have a slant on things and ideas that may not work or be for you even though I try to remain factual and unbiased I'm human and will slip up too. I have nothing to sell, I will however promote my company now and then. I just like to blog, I like power washing and the power washer so I blog about it.

* Photos use in this entry were sourced from the internet if you own the rights to a photo and wish it removed please just let me know it will be remove at your request.
  ** I can not believe I have to put this disclaimer in. This blog entry is not about one person, it is an accumulation of items that have been posted on different places through out the web. Yes there was a discussion that this fictional blog was based on. I'm not writing about you. The problem should be if you think I wrote this blog entry about you and if you saw yourself in there with things that were written, that alone should be make a person stop and think.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wash'n Wednesday: the "small job dilemma"

 Wash'n Wednesday: the "small job dilemma"

Wash'n Wednesday found us with lots of small jobs but jobs are jobs. Our customers and their word of mouth advertising is worth more to me than turning down jobs simply on size. I'll set aside a day now and then and lump them into one day. Today was that day. Customer service is our #1 goal telling someone that their job is to small or that there is not enough money in it for us to do is something I avoid doing. One happy customer will bring in more just by telling others we help them make a difference. If you can do several of these smaller jobs in a day or after a day's work, can you still make it worth while? I did get a neighbor to book some cleaning with us and handed out several cards while doing the days work. So in the long run it may payoff even more in the future. I know we as power washers need to draw a line somewhere and that is up to each person or company to do and decide. Yesterday after a house washing I was asked if I could clean or wash a 5th wheel camping trailer and if so how much I was there and had everything on board to do it since I do a small bus fleet from time to time. I shot them a price and soon as I finished the house washing I was over to wash the camper. Now would I have driven out just to clean a camper? It would have to be priced higher than what I did it for yesterday. Being close and having everything made it a nobrainer. Again how small if they are will to pay a fair price then I will do it.

I also find it just fun doing something different than what we normally do. I like residential house washing and love to be busy but a change now and then is good for the soul. Getting out there and seeing what you can do not having the normal time constraints is also nice. You can try out new things and techniques to see what works better. Never know when you'll find a new idea that will work for you in the future. Learning and growing your business and experiences.

  From Billings, Ozark and Springfield MO it was "Wash'n Wednesday".  Just got in from a day, about the area. Odd jobs today were a painted, textured and distressed drive-way cleaning. I was contacted over the phone for the drive way cleaning it had been painted, textured and distressed about 7 to 8 years ago. Owner put the home on the market wanted the stains lifted and do what we could to make it look better. Then had to clean beams inset in the front of a home. The biggest problem was the height of what needed cleaning. Had the whole neighbor hood out including several mowing services watching me clean this one, owner was very happy to have them finally cleaned. Then some fertilizer rust stain removal seems the crew had gotten a little heavy and sprayed the home's siding and garage door. Our house washing mix lightened it but Cleaned by Pete went all the way and removed even stains that were left on the home and door. Home owners were amazed at the results which have been there since last year.

Here are some pictures and a short clip showing you what Cleaned by Pete can do. Working on the painted, textured and distressed drive-way using our adjustable height surface cleaner. Knowing the proper pressure and height to use is where the years of doing this come in. To much pressure will cut or remove the paint, distressed or textured areas or could chip off the top layer all together.
Drive way cleaning Ozark MO.
A painted, textured and distressed driveway to look "old world" heavy stains including oil and rust along with algae, moss and mildew, owner asked, "Do what you can I know its' in bad shape". Cleaned by Pete pressure & power washing did what we could. The painted and distressed areas were hard to clean with out removing it.
You can see this drive-way was quite a challenge but it turned out OK and helped the homes curb appeal once the oil stains, mold, algae, and mildew were removed. This is our adjustable height surface cleaners, I use it for decks and special jobs such as this painted, textured and distressed drive-way.
Cleaning painted concrete in Springfield MO Cleaned by Pete 417.459.7869.

Cleaning painted concrete in Springfield MO Cleaned by Pete 417.459.7869.

Finishing up the concert cleaning the paint and distress look made this hard to clean. Too much pressure will damage the surface, to little will not get the best cleaning. Our adjustable surface cleaner works great for this.

Fertilizer "rust" removal Billings MO.
Fertilizer stains to be remove, the front garage door and side of the home was covered with fertilizer rust stains. Seems the folks the did their fertilizing and plants got a little heavy on spraying the walls. House wash lightened it to what's in the first picture but Cleaned by Pete got that off also home owners were amazed at the results.
Fertilizer stains, looks like embedded rust in the vinyl. It can be removed, Billings MO, Cleaned by Pete.
Fertilizer stains to be remove Billings MO Cleaned by Pete.
After cleaning the stains they are removed from this vinyl siding.
Side walk and stoop cleaning Springfield MO
Sidewalk cleaning in Springfield MO.
Front stoop cleaning for some curb appeal Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO.

Front stoop cleaning for some curb appeal Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO.
Fence cleaning for some curb appeal.
Cleaning up the fences on the side of the home giving it some more curb appeal. When selling a home first impressions are important let us help you with that.
A littler fence restoration and cleaning in Springfield MO Cleaned by Pete.
Beam cleaning Ozark MO 
The height was a problem for other but Cleaned by Pete was able to get the job done right. The owner said it was 20 feet to the top of the bottom beams.
Cleaning beams on this home, not a hard job but the height had stopped everyone. Cleaned by Pete pressure & power washing did this using a step ladder and our regular equipment and attachments. It is 20 feet to the top of the bottom beams or that is what the homeowner told me.

Some wood restoration in Ozark MO Cleaned by Pete.

Some wood restoration in Ozark MO Cleaned by Pete 417.459.7869
No jobs are too small call:
Cleaned by Pete 
Serving the greater Springfield MO area

Sunday, July 13, 2014

You Clean or Wash What? Barrel Washing

 You Clean or Wash What?
Barrel Washing

The field of power washing is vast. One does not really know all the aspects that will fall into this industry. Under the broadest umbrella we are cleaning with pressurized water both cold and or heated. So any cleaning with hydro pressure would be involved with us in some fashion. Pressurized water is one of the most amazing cleaners just by itself. It will do alot even before adding cleaners.

Here it's Sunday my day off. Really do we as small business owners take a whole day off with out some how thinking or doing something for the business? I was grubbing around in my washing stuff and have this nozzle. I know what it is and designed for and why but I never used it or thought about it much. I like collecting thing associated with the industry. I have old car-washing barrel pumps from the early self-serve car-washes to small coil cleaners for AC (air-conditioner). 
I bought this nozzle from a guy that worked at the factory and after testing it had a couple of bad spots. He had 3 of them after retiring. I just thought it was keen and purchased it from him. Today I did a littler research on it. Knowledge is the key to all things and learning something new each day if possible is one of the greatest goals we can reach for.
Barrel washing nozzle.

This is a barrel washing nozzle for washing the inside of wine and whiskey barrels. I never gave it much thought but those large wooden barrels they use to store and age these items in are reusable and would have to be cleaned.

15 jets clean or wash the inside of a whiskey barrel all around and the narrow neck allows for movement and lets the water drain out while washing.

This is not your average pressure washing nozzle it is quite a chunk of brass, barrel washing or barrel cleaning here is a special tool for the job

Using a Flow rate range: 5.2 to 26 gpm (23 to 91 l/min)
Pressure range: 10 to 150 psi (1 to 10 bar)
Max. operating 212°F (100°C)
Min. tank 2” (51 mm) opening size:
  15 orifice version for 210° coverage
So here is just another piece of the washing industry I really never knew existed till I did some research on it today. A simple purchase of this nozzle lead me on a quest to learn more about it. I thought it would be a great duck cleaner for exhaust shoots in the world of KEC (kitchen exhaust and hood cleaning) which I was involved in for several years. Instead I find this is how and what it is used for: 

Washing and cleaning wine barrels who would have ever thought it? Part of the power washing scope I never imagined. Finding that nitch or market for your talents and what you're interested in is the key to success and being happy.

Friday, July 11, 2014

One more custom build?

One more custom build?

I should have posted up an entry or two by now but I have by the grace of God be very busy. Bookings for house washings are running into August. I started this entry and thought I could get some pictures of what I intend to do. I have not made it that far yet so I'm going to post it up and add some photos hopefully Sunday sometime of what it is going to be. I'll give you a hint the service truck will have a C and will get around on three. The washer will be a 5 and use a gearbox. Lastly it will be very mobile and use for concrete. I give more away in this post. Hang on this should be fun.

I think I have one more custom build left in me. I have always planed to make one attention grabbing washing or service rig. I keep getting smaller but now I'm going "mini footprint" for this build. I have started gathering parts and pieces to put together this "mini rig" and now have all of what I need for the  start of this build.

Pictures of washer and components should be here.
along with the steam pot and other collected items for this build.





I will be starting this build and posting how it is going on the blog. As I get it under way and extra time I will post up pictures. I am using a Briggs 18 hp opposed twin for the washer. A gear reduction form General Pump instead of belts to keep the footprint small as possible, and a General TS2021 for the pump. I will also have one of the wedco dry steam pots on board for live steam for gum removal along with a place for hoses, small buffer tank, the gumbuster wand form a previous entry and carry two surface cleaners. All goodies that have been waiting for this build.

Will be starting with this Cushman I built several years ago for the base. It was my little "rat rod" so it will take a bit to get it back up. It is street legal and does about 40 mph when it all wound up 3 speed transmission and suicide shifting, with 12" wheels it's a fun little rig. Hoping this will be eye catching going down the road even more than the flatbed S10. Advertising will be the main job for this unit but it will be fully functional for use to clean concrete around town.

I have plans on putting this all on a custom Cushman 3 wheeler I have and am building a C-cab for it. I hope I can get this all together this year, in spare-time and weekends.

Mocked up sides for the C-cab, will be building a frame work and covering it in steel. Making doors for the back to keep the washer and contents safe and painted all black like days of old. That is the plan stay tuned and follow my progress.

Join us for the next Cleaned by Pete build of the "Mini Footprint Washing Rig" follows us through the build and watch for updates.

You are now wondering if I have been out washing in the sun too long and the heat has effected my mind? Well no! I have always been just a bit crazy. Will it work? Will it be built? Can it function? For all these Cleaned by Pete questions stay tuned.