Friday, August 30, 2013

All in a Weeks Work

All in a Weeks Work

Here is what Cleaned by Pete did this week, Being a power washer brings on different challenges each with different needs. Cleaned by Pete can address these different needs and with years of experience know how and what to use and do. You can rest assured that your home or items are in good hands. Experience, knowledge, equipment and the investment we have put in over the years is what you are looking for call us at 417-459-7869 for your cleaning needs. Below you will see house washing, patio cleaning, fence washing, window restoration and cleaning, and a the new pressure I built and designed plus the new dual wands which will aid us in our down-streaming cleaning methods. All in a weeks work.

Picture of the week:

Cleaned by Pete house washing, patio furniture washing, wooden furniture washing, drive-way cleaning.

Cleaned by Pete new construction clean-up, patio cleaning and patio furniture washing.

Cleaned by Pete new construction clean up.

Concrete patio cleaning, Cleaned by Pete.

Construction clean-up and house washing, Cleaned by Pete.

House washing, Cleaned by Pete.

Cleaned by Pete, patio cleaning.

Fence washing, Cleaned by Pete

Fence washing, Cleaned by Pete

Cleaned by Pete cleaning windows and buffing out the frames restoring the looks.

Window frame restoration left side has been buffed and waxed,  right side is faded and chalking still awaiting Cleaned by Pete to restore them to look new again.

Window frame restoration and cleaning, Cleaned by Pete

Window frame restoration and cleaning, Cleaned by Pete
Building a new washer, this is a frame we are building for a self-contained washer with hoses and soap tank for accessing patio areas that are hard to get to.

Cleaned by Pete is building this new power washing unit: it will have high pressure hose, garden feed house, soap / chemical tank, 6.5 hp motor driving a 2000 psi @ 3.5 gpm pump on wheels to be able to move it to hard to reach patio areas for cleaning

Cleaned by Pete built this new unit to help us with your jobs investing in new ideas and equipment will help us help you.

Also had time to build two new dual wand lance one with adjustable control valve and the other with a roll over valve to aid us in our down-streaming washing methods.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Power washing is not an simple task

Power washing is not an easy or a simple task. It requires proper professional  who has full knowledge about cleaning and its products or can perform this job decently. This professional has the proper equipment, knowledge, and experience. Cleaned by Pete's cleaning services has reasonable prices and keep the areas of your home or business neat and clean. You can get full information about our services at:
or email us at:

Friday, August 16, 2013

Just Another Dumpster Pad Cleaning

Just Another Dumpster Pad Cleaning
Dumpster pad cleaning, this is one dirty job but has to be done and done right. Most of the time you see pictures posted as a before and then a great looking after. What about the work and the measures we go through to clean and keep our waste-water as clean as possible. I thought I would show some of these photos, the ones you don't see that often.
 Cleaned by Pete did a pad cleaning today. To set this up this pad had a leaking grease collector in it, it also had had garbage packed in and the lid could not close properly. Rain water could enter and would force the grease to the top and over the edges collecting on the asphalt. Please think about this if we as power washers did not go in and clean this up, the greases and cooking oils, plus what liquid is thrown in the dumpster would continue to; leak out, wash-off and run-off. The only way to insure this not to happen any more is to power wash and clean this dumpster pad up.
Cleaned by Pete goes trough great measures to help contain what washes out and off. Professional power washers use safe specialized cleaners and contain what they can to keep our environment and water ways clean. To add to this mess today someone has been trowing used grease from an oriental cashew chicken place over the fence in 5 gallon containers. The  broken and burst containers were leaking out on the asphalt too. In hopes to stop this the owner removed the grease-trap this week and we headed in to clean up the mess. The pictures show grease sitting inside the dumpster area. Here is what we could do today, we will go back in one month to clean up some more. We treated the grease that did not wash off today or that is still deep in the asphalt and making its way to the surface. It will start to dry and harden over the month but still keeping it from running off in the rain, until we're able to return to do the next cleaning. There are also a few pictures further down showing some of the ways and measure we go through to help contain runoff. It may look like quite a mess but with containment we reduce what would be running off with the rain or general washing being done. Cleaners help loosen the grease hot water liquifies it and the socks let the liquified grease to attach to them. Stopping and using brooms and shovels along the way picking up grease and any helps keep any thing form running off.

Some before pictures this is grease sitting on the surface. To start with Cleaned by Pete uses shovels and scrapers to pick up as much grease as possible. The surface is slick and smooth with grease and cooking oils.

After shovelling and cleaning up the old grease and spills the surface will be prepped with EBC an environmental bio cleaner, safe and friendly to the environment. The shine is from grease sitting on the surface.

Sprayed on the EBC and let it start to work on the grease and grime we could not remove with the shovels, scrapers and brooms.

Brooming the cleaners in to the surface you can start to see something is working here! Cleaned by Pete uses the best cleaner that are environmental safe when cleaning

Getting ready to hit this area with some hot water and pressure you can start to see how the bio cleaner is working on the grease and oils. Cleaned by Pete dumpster pad cleaning.

Cleaned by Pete the other half of the dumpster pad after cleaning.

Cleaned by Pete the other half of the dumpster pad after cleaning.

After the first washing the grease is knocked down and pad is clean. Brown colored areas are rust areas where the old grease-trap and dumpster sat.

Pad after cleaning while drying.

Pad after cleaning while drying.
These pictures show some of the measures we go through to help contain what is washed off during the job.

Don't think Cleaned by Pete will just let that soap, cleaners and grease just run off. We use oil and chemical socks to slow down the wash. Slowing down the runoff gives the socks a chance to absorb the greases and oils.

You can see what has washed up, Cleaned by Pete will sweep and scrap to see what comes up and remove it before washing with the hot water.

Sweeping and cleaning up sediments that collect during the cleaning process. Stopping and sweeping picking up sediment and grease during the cleaning process. We do this several times helping to keep runoff water clean.
Slowing water down and have it run through this dam of gravel helps the removed greases will attache to the gravel to help remove it and sediments will deposit in front of the dam for cleanup after drying occurs on-sight.

You can see what collects on and in the socks. This is one line of defence Cleaned by Pete uses when cleaning.

Another view of the grease and oils that have attached to the sock and the chemical treated filler in the socks is working too. Environmental cleaners, sweeping, shovelling, damming, filtering, using heated water (hot water will clean faster thus using less water), and the socks help us to keep runoff clean and at a minimum.
A professional power washes does care about his or her environment and will do what it takes to keep it clean. This job took a little longer to keep the run off to a minimum but it is worth it to help our water ways and environment. Everything we did and used to clean this pad to day helped keep what would have run off out of our water ways. The owner should be thanked here also he could have had someone with a pressure washer come and wash all this down the drain, or let it continue the way it was but he looked us up talked it over and decided it was worth more to have us do it the correct way.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Steam Cleaning, Springfield and the greater Ozarks area

Steam cleaning with a pressure washer

I have talked about things a pressure washer can do but here is one thing most pressure washers can not do. Some pressure washers equipped with heaters, and can heat water to very high temperatures but today's modern washer can not make true dry steam. If you see someone saying they clean with steam and are using a modern pressure washer it is somewhat of a misstatement, what it should say is cleaned with "wet steam" which is hot very water that may have some water vapor associated with it but contains a large amount of water. True steam cleaning involves cleaning with the water vapor or steam only there will be little to no run off.

 "There is a temperature below which steam will start to condense into water droplets. This is called the saturation temperature, and it varies with the pressure of the steam. Steam that is exactly at its saturation temperature is called saturated steam. Steam that is below its saturation temperature contains droplets of moisture and is called wet steam. Steam that is above its saturation temperature is called superheated steam." This statement appears at;, which may or may not be the end all or absolute one stop conformation for all answers but we will use it here. What you read here is that more pressure water is under the higher the saturation level and the more heat it will take to turn it into dry or superheated steam. Dry steam falls into the two categories "saturated steam" or "superheated steam" if there is any water out put in the stream it would be considered "wet steam". Now why do I even bring up this topic and why go into detail about it you may ask, well it is just for information and to educate you as a consumer. You will see adds that may offer; "We Steam Clean", "We offer the areas only steam cleaning service", "Steam Cleaning for Concrete" while some companies may have this capability most are using "wet steam" for this type of cleaning. There is nothing wrong with wet steam we use it to clean up sidewalks, driveways, restaurant pads and drive troughs, cleaning up grease and grime that cold water does not begin to clean. Know what you want and what service you are getting is why I'm writing this blog hoping to help you the consumer to understand what a professional power washer does and to arm you with  knowledge to help protect your home and property.

The simple fact is the more pressure and how many gallons you are pumping (1000 to 4000 psi at 3 to 6 gpm), the longer it takes to become a vapor and water vapor is steam, this is what we are looking for. These pressure washer can heat water to "wet steam", steam that is below its saturation temperature contains droplets or excessive moisture, hot water use for cleaning. While some units can can equal temperatures of those produced by a dry steam unit it will still still have a large water content. There are some units out on the market now in the industrial and commercial field that you have a chose of settings; cold water pressure wash, hot water pressure wash, and live steam. Most pressure washers out on the market are either a cold water pressure washer or a hot water pressure washer, some manufactures will refer their to there machine as a "wet steam unit". Most of us will hear the term "steam cleaning" you'll think of a laundry, carpet, drapery or furniture cleaners, they use live steam and low pressure  around 150 psi to clean with they don't want large amounts of water left in what they are cleaning or inside your residents. Very little water is associated with dry steam cleaning. The pressure is made by water being heated into vapor or a gas, building and expanding as it is heated then forcing it to escape or exit a special nozzle, lance or gun, expanding when it hits the atmosphere, pressure is not made or created in the pressure washers pump.

One reason people associate steam cleaning with pressure washers is that the first steam-cleaners looked somewhat like today's pressure washers, and these steam cleaners grew into today's pressure washers with refinements and new technology. These old steam cleaners with names like Fireball, Sioux, Steam Jenny, Kotas and others offered a steam cleaning mostly used in the auto and industrial cleaning arena. Catalogue stores as Montgomery Ward or Sear's and Robuck's even had there brand names on these units

Looking more like a train boiler than a modern power washer these were the first steam cleaning machines.
Still very large steam boilers and heavy steam hoses being used.

We are now just starting to enter the world of the modern world of pressure washers this smaller unit with a much smaller boiler and a self contained power power source.

Even smaller and more compact pressure unit you can see more water run off in this picture "wet steam"

Both "wet steam" and "dry steam cleaning" have there places in the world of cleaning. Cleaned by Pete offers both types of cleaning and can explain what is right for your needs. Dry steam does have several places where we use it.  Cleaning of modern day BBQ's with there electronics and delicate wiring taking a "wet steam high pressure unit in to blast away at this would not work greasy water run off all that water on the self-lighting units, lamps and lights, 
Dry steam cleaning by Cleaned by Pete
Dry steam cleaning by Cleaned by Pete

Dry steam cleaning by Cleaned by Pete

Dry steam cleaning by Cleaned by Pete
temperature probes and gauges would not work, dry steam works here very well. Restoration of an auto motor compartment cleaning with a modern day washer would tend to leave a mess due to water run off and blasting off grease and grime, dry steam helps here more control and less run off. We have cleaned inside "hot tub areas where water run off is and issue the tile floors were cleaned with dry steam and sanitized all at the same time.

Cleaned by Pete 417-459-7869

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Concrete cleaning Springfield Missouri

Another item we clean often is concrete, removing gum, general cleaning but in this case it was a gallon of oil based stain. Knowing what to use when and how much to use comes only from experience and working with your equipment knowing your cleaner and what chemistry they will work. What temperature to use, you don't want to set the stain. So for your concrete needs call cleaned by Pete 417-459-7869 we have experience cleaning concrete.

Cleaned by Pete removing an oil stain from concrete. One gallon of this almost black oil stain fell and emptied onto the concrete.

Cleaned by Pete removing an oil stain from concrete. After the first washing the stain is becoming brighter.
Cleaned by Pete removing an oil stain from concrete. The stain is becoming lighter.

This is the stain as it appears now Cleaned by Pete has remove and lightened the stain which was one gallon of dark near black wiping stain which was spilt on the concrete.

This is the stain as it appears now Cleaned by Pete has remove and lightened the stain which was one gallon of dark near black wiping stain which was spilt on the concrete.
We had a chance to revisit this spill and was able to take a few pictures of the concrete after about two weeks. We were called by the contractor and the paint contractor and thanked for a job well done. Both said that if it was not for us things would have been much worst. Being a professional power washer your work is what speaks for you especially after you have left.

This is the spill area after about 2 week of use on the cleaned drive-way, oil stain spill Cleaned by Pete.

This is another photo of the spill area after about 2 week of use on the cleaned drive-way, oil stain spill Cleaned by Pete.