Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Selling That Attachment? Why?

Selling that attachment? Why?

I see alot of power washers selling off tools and attachments, I know sometimes we miss the boat and buy the wrong thing. A surface cleaner is a good example we buy a floater and find out that one with wheels would fit our needs better. We buy one to big for our washer and pump out put. Most times you take a big hit when you sell off your equipment or attachments.

I see lots of power washers selling their old X-jet, they don't use any more, I only down-stream now. Really why? I mean why sell it off it's paid for and it is not eating anything. There are times I use an item or tool that may have not been used for 6 months I have it and it is right tool for the job. When I was a motorcycle tech I many not have used my 1/2" wrench each and every day but would I sell it? No, the same thing now applies to my power washing tools. You may not use it everyday but boy is it handy to have when you need it.

I may just be a tool or attachment hoarder the more I have the more I want if for nothing else to see if they work. Why do you need all those tools an attachments some may ask? I can simply answer to do the best job. Sometimes a job throws you a curve and if you have the right attachment it will save you. One example is this since the "long range nozzles" came out there is not much need for the old water cannon. I was on a job a couple months back when due to the angle of the roof, a close fence and an ill planted tree I could not get to a dormer on the upper part of a home. It was covered with algae and need cleaning in the worst way. I could not get to it all with the long range nozzle no matter what I did. Some how the water cannon reached it and I was able to clean and rinse it with this tool. I did not want to crawl up on the roof or put a ladder on the guttering the fence was to close for this also. Having the right tool or attachment for the job saved me time and labor. You never know when a customer will have an add-on. The other day I did a house wash and up on completion they asked if I could was the RV? I had a brush and a foamer in the toolbox and it was a quick $50 dollars for having the tools to do the extra job.

If I had sold this or put it on the shelf I'm not sure what I would have done that day. Again back to working on motorcycles my fork seal drivers were use at least once a month but some sizes did not see use for a year or better did I sell them off? No I made money with them having them when you need them. Why do some sell off attachments or equipment if they are not using them on a regular bases? I'm not sure why do you shelf them if they don't see action daily or weekly? I would rather have it in the tool box just encase than a few dollars in my pocket to spend on something. Having extra tools and attachments may come in handy if something should break or go down. Finishing a job is a must it helps to show and prove to yourself if nothing else you are a professional. I know of a washer who sold his yellow noodle said he never used it cause of the uses of down-streaming and long range nozzles. He had to borrow it back from who he sold it to about 4 months later due to cleaning a wall over a open patio basement. It was an odd clean and a pole was the only way to do it. It had hung in the shop for a year with not action so he sold it, just luck he was able to borrow it back, buy another for a onetime job would have cut into the profits. I was looking at the local "want adds" the other day here was a almost new 12" surface cleaner it was one of the better ones BE brand I believe. Said "Used once now don't need", it was only $10 dollars off the original price. I asked the dealer that sells them about it he said ya we sold it to him (one of the other local power washing companies), he did the job now he wants to sell it. Why get rid of it will this be the only time it will ever be used? I found all types of uses for my 12" surface cleaner. Keep it in the truck all the time use it at least once a week for something. Did you not include buying or upgrading in your estimate? Do you need to sell it to keep your busy going tight margins? We all hope not.

Like I said selling off a large item you won't use as a surface cleaner that is too big or does not work with your set-up would make sense, but selling off an x-jet, the small 12" surface cleaner or say a foamer simply because you are not using it every day does not make a lot of sense to me. You may want to reconsider selling those tools, attachments, or equipment it may prove to be a better investment keeping it.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Slip & Fall: Sick Kids: mold, mildew, bacteria removal

Don't miss an opportunity for a photo op.
Slip & Fall, Sick Kids: mold, mildew, bacteria removal by Cleaned by Pete.

This entry is a branch from the previous entry. After posting and publishing the entry a member of the group Power Washing Community on Google+ offered a suggestion. I quote " Try to emphasize the fact that this is mold, mildew and bacteria forming on the bleachers and unless they are looking to have sick kids, they better get these routinely cleaned.  Would not want the school to be sued now would we!" Which did get me thinking the main reason for cleaning these bleacher was they just looked bad. That reason alone landed Cleaned by Pete the job along with a few other reasons as mentioned in the previous blog. 

 This is the way I use to approach and add opportunity based on looks while it is still a very viable add campaign we can change it also to health and safety. What is growing on your home? Autoimmune, respiratory, the rise in allergies, sinus headaches, kids unable to go out and play with out getting sick are all on the rise in this country. Can we as an industry make a difference? I believe so.
Cleaned by Pete Rogersville MO

With the suggestion sent me I started to look at things differently. Not wanting to let an opportunity to pass with out trying to get some traction off or it. I started to play around with the idea of health. When washing we all know how slippery the surfaces can get when mold, algae, and mildew are on it. Well the aluminium steps and walk-ways were the same. This led me to another reason to clean them and brings up the question are we cosmetic cleaners or do we do this for safety reasons. I would like to think safety first but looking at the reason why I landed this job it was not considered. 
Cleaned by Pete stadium bleacher cleaning 417.459.7869.

Safety cleaning should be a big push in our industry. Slip and fall due to lack of traction on concrete and other surfaces due to the growth of molds, algae, bacterial growth and mildew should be a big concern. How may times have we cleaned oil spills up cause they look bad? Slip and falls are one of the largest arenas for lawyers to go after companies not that there side-walk looks bad.
Slip and fall, sick kids let Cleaned by Pete help you head these concerns from happening.

In the same vain molds, mildew and bacterial growth in public places are a common problem not just schools. Respiratory illness is a big concern and airborne pollutants are here to stay. Here is an example your at the ball park where do you set your drink? Most bench bleachers are not deep enough to set it between your legs most of us will set it by our feet. Now look at the photos did you really notice what is under you seating area? Small kids crawl around and down think what is there? Park benches, picknick tables, out side patio furniture even playground equipment. Rain does a good job but more and more pollutants are in the air the rain helps to deposit them more then rinse them away today.
Safety reasons are a main reason we should be cleaning and washing.
External mold mildew and algae removal. Help free your home from these and others contaminates Cleaned by Pete mold removal 417.459.7869.

Are the days of "cosmetic cleaning" gone I don't think so everyone wants there properties to look good. Safety cleaning should be a reason or a trend we need to push for. As times change so we need to as an industry. Open up to new ways of looking at thing. Even cleaning a home a "house wash" removes molds, algae, mildew that is growing on your home. If you or your family members are having respiratory troubles or allergies this could be a contributing factor.
Cleaned by Pete Serving the greater Springfield MO area 417.459.7869.

Health and safety lets look at thing in a different light the service we can preform may be more important than you think. We are selling a service lets sell safety, heath, and prevention we need to promote these services more and drop the idea of an $89.00 dollar house wash. We need to remove contaminates as mold, mildew, algae, bacterial growth and other airborne agents from a house, concrete or other surfaces. As a benefit your home or property will be cleaned in the process. Selling the health or safety service. Do we need to be selling and promoting cheap house washing or a service to remove the air borne and contaminates growing and feeding on a home or property. Are we selling a $20 to $50 dollar drive way clean or are we selling peace of mind knowing the drive way is safe to walk on. After removing these organisms from the pours has renewed grip to help hold shoes from slipping. We can remove the contaminates giving you a safety factor and in doing so your drive will be restored to look good once again. This puts our service above the "water squirter". While cosmetic looks will drive most customers to our doors offering peace of mind, health and safety factors we will up our game as I see it.

Cleaned by Pete
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wash'n Wednesday in Republic Missouri: Are you ready for some football?

Stadium Bleacher Cleaning or "Are you ready for some football?"

Wash'n Wednesday is one of my regular features here on the blog. This entry finds us in Republic Missouri.
 You know the field of power washing is vast. All types of things can be cleaned with a power washer. From houses to just about any thing that the surface will take the pressure of the water. Each surface is different each job is different and requires different soaps and cleaners. 
Our special equipment help us land this job the small footprint S10 was one reason I was able to receive this job. There was limited access to the bleachers and with our small unit they let us use the track to drive on and work from. they figured a large truck with a big trailer and large holding tanks would not be able to drive on and manoeuvre on the track without damage. The weight of a large outfit was also a big consideration with the grounds keeper and sports director. That and the closest water supply was just under 400 feet away.  We had 2 washers on board as always, for this job I had both fired up and running one off the 35 gallon reserve tank and one direct form the tap also filling the reserve tank. With special attachments and tools you can advance your cleaning and what you can clean. This job took several different attachments and even 3 different sized surface cleaners I had a handheld 9 inch surface cleaner but did not need it. 
Power washing is more than squirting water from a machine putting it under pressure. So now to this weeks feature article, cleaning the stadium's bleachers in Republic MO getting "ready for some football". Here are some before and after photos from Cleaned by Pete. 
Please excuse the date stamps on the photos as they are not correct.

From this, Cleaned by Pete will take it to see photo below, bleacher cleaning Republic MO.

To this working our way down using our special tools and equipment, Cleaned by Pete taking it one row at a time. If you notice in the picture the bottom few rows are not cleaned yet you can still see the build up on the face and kick panels, bleacher cleaning Republic MO
Cleaned by Pete before then after cleaning some bleachers.

Cleaned by Pete before then after cleaning some bleachers, Molds, mildew and algae will grow on anything. When your ready for it to be removed call 417.459.7869.

Cleaned by Pete before then after cleaning some bleachers, Molds, mildew and algae will grow on anything. When your ready for it to be removed call 417.459.7869.

Cleaned by Pete before then after cleaning some bleachers, Molds, mildew and algae will grow on anything. When your ready for it to be removed call 417.459.7869.

Cleaned by Pete before then after cleaning some bleachers, are you ready for some football?

Cleaned by Pete before then after cleaning bleachers in Republic MO. Before then after, are you ready for some football?
Molds, mildew and algae will grow on anything. It can thrive here with spilt water and pop it has even more to feed on. Cleaned by Pete can take care of your power washing needs whether it is a stadium or a backyard patio call us with your cleaning needs.
A few photos of the cleaning we preformed here. Please excuse the date on the photos (it is not correct)
Cutting in, cleaning along the bottom and back of the seating area and along the back corner of the floor. Later I'll come in with the 12" surface cleaner to do the rest of the floor and seating areas. Cleaned by Pete bleacher cleaning see our next step in the photo below.

Then we come in with the wand and clean the faces and other surfaces. This shows washing the front, kick panels, and under the seating platforms. Getting rid of mold, mildew, algae, along with a years worth of spilt pop and other contaminants. Cleaned by Pete bleacher cleaning 417.459.7869

Are you ready for some football bleachers after a cleaning by Cleaned by Pete, 417.459.7869. Please excuse the date stamp from the camera as it is not correct.

Are you ready for some football bleachers after a cleaning by Cleaned by Pete, 417.459.7869. Please excuse the date stamp from the camera as it is not correct.
Are you ready for some football bleachers after a cleaning by Cleaned by Pete, 417.459.7869. Please excuse the date stamp from the camera as it is not correct.
Cleaned by Pete
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wash'n Wednesday in Rogersville MO

Wash'n Wednesday as much as I try I seem to miss this feature or article more times than I get it into the blog. In any case here are a few photos of the work from Wednesday's wash'n in Rogersville Missouri.

Cleaned by Pete Rogersville MO landscape stones need washing too.

Cleaned by Pete Rogersville Missouri, what is living / growing on your home?

Cleaned by Pete house washing Rogersville Missouri.
Just added some script and text to the photos to help make some mini adds. Any time you can promote your brand name and company you need to do it. The funny thing is you'll never know which photo the internet will pick up make sure it has your info on it.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

"just saying"

I do not believe you can do today's job with yesterday's methods and be in business tomorrow.

A George W Bush quotes 

Is this true in our field of power washing? I would have to say yes, we now have machines that put out more gallons to help us clean with less psi. We have new and better ideas and techniques of washing a home. We need not try to blast it clean with just water force from a pressure washer. We need not clean and wash as we had to, say 10 years ago. Better, safer, faster, softer, washing is now here and it also uses less water than before. With "friendly" cleaners that are better then anytime in the past we clean smarter. Yes yesterday's methods, techniques, power washers and cleaners will still work but most professional power washers have stepped into the modern age.