Monday, September 23, 2013

Sorry for not posting I've been busy.....

Sorry for not posting I've been busy.....

Last week seemed to take over and I did not find a chance to post. Please excuse me I like to post at least once a week and this is a bit late. Here is what was going on this last week. Each job takes a different tack to make it work, each job is different and takes different pressures, and attachments. This last week found us doing drive-thrus and side-walks which found us using the surface cleaners, one cold-water machine and one hot-water machine. House washing using 2 different machines, for gutter cleaning and patio yet another machine. Some of the job took place during the day while cleaning concrete at two local restaurants took place at night.

Cleaned by Pete uses this hot water machine for concrete cleaning including the drive-thrus and side-walks notice the surface cleaner beside the machine.

Cleaned by Pete uses this cold water machine for concrete cleaning including the drive-thrus and side-walks notice the surface cleaner beside the machine. We also use this machine for the sorority house cleaning pictured below.

Hot or cold water house cleaning washer Cleaned by Pete.

One of our small commercial / industrial grade cold water units, Cleaned by Pete used this one for the patio and gutter cleaning this last week.
 The pressure washer is only part of the equation cleaners and soap are the next step in the chain. Using the right cleaner for the job. We use quality, safe, environmentally friendly cleaners for our jobs. Using the right pressure washer we save water having less runoff. The quality cleaners used for different jobs speed cleaning and we have less runoff. Both of the last statements also speed up the job we use less gas and oil.

Quality cleaner for different jobs, this help us to clean better and quicker helping Cleaned by Pete to be good stewards towards the earth.
The right machine the right cleaners and the knowledge that has been gained over the years of cleaning helps Cleaned by Pete to have results like this.

Cleaned by Pete the pictures show the process from start to finish. This was the cleaning on self-storage units Springfield MO. Removing years of algae and mildew growth returning the painted metal to the original look.

Cleaned by Pete finishing cleaning the storage units.

A parting shot as Cleaned by Pete get ready to leave.

Cleaned by Pete finish picture of the sorority house cleaning Springfield MO.

Cleaned by Pete finish picture of the sorority house cleaning Springfield MO.

Cleaned by Pete finish picture of the sorority house cleaning Springfield MO.

Cleaned by Pete cleaning concrete and removing gum.
If  you would like to see more pictures of the cleaning please visit us on facebook at Cleaned by Pete power / pressure washing. If Cleaned by Pete can help you please call 417-459-7869.
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All this and still had a bit of time to work on the on going building of the compact, self-contained, patio washer pictured below.

6.5 hp motor, low pressure hose reel, retracting high pressure hose reel, 2000 psi at 3.5 gallons per min, adjustable chemical injector, l gallon on board chemical tank on a custom made cart for easy maneuverings. Built and designed by: Cleaned by Pete.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Soap & Cleaner Slinging: revisited part II

Soap & Cleaner Slinging: revisited part II

This is a follow up to one of our more popular post according to the numbers of views. Since posting the first entry we have acquired a few more items to help us get the cleaning power of the soap and cleaners on to your home. One of the biggest is a new cold-water pressure washer we built with more gallons per minute and with less pressure for a safe "soft washing" for your home. This new washer is able to downstream distances we could not reach as easily before. While we could reach these areas with our extension poles, it took more water and time to do so. This new power washer and the other items that are pictured below, allows us a better cleaning of your largest investment, your home or property, safer, quicker and more efficiently while helping to save resources.

Short video showing us trowing some soap and cleaners this is what you should see when a professional power washer is working. Using good environmental friendly cleaners makes a difference, good coverage makes a difference, good tools and washer make a difference Cleaned by Pete makes a difference. Call 417-459-7869

As I stated before in the earlier blog entry, you can not get things cleaned or killed off, if your soap, cleaners, algaeside, mildew killer, oxi cleaner, or other safe chemicals do not get where they need to be working. Here is some of the new equipment that aids us in doing this. So once again if you see us around your home using the strange looking wands or guns you know we are working with the best and newest techniques to obtain the cleanest, safest, and water conserving methods available today.

Applying soap and cleaners to this home the peek of the roof line is at the second story the chimney is well over three stories. A Cleaned by Pete photo.

Applying soap and cleaners to this home with the newest cold-water pressure washer, the peek of the roof you see is the second story peek the chimney is well over three stories. In this Cleaned by Pete photo you can see us applying cleaner over the top.

New dual wand set-ups allow Cleaned by Pete to save time and gas. With these wands we can switch from soaping (low pressure) to scrubbing and rinsing. The wand with the handle sticking out is adjustable by turning in or out the valve with the handle, while the other can be switched by simply "rolling" the wand over side to side and tapping it. A Cleaned by Pete photo. Since these wands have the option of two nozzles the trigger guns are affixed together making it a ridged unit.

Two different nozzles can be placed in each wand for different uses being able to simply switch the water flow to the different nozzles saves time and cleaner, while still getting your home safely cleaned from the ground. As we learned saving time is saving water, gas, or other resources Cleaned by Pete does what they can to be the friendly to the environment.

Adding different lengths of quick plug in lances helps to reach areas that are hard to get. The quick attachment system allows us to build what we need quickly and on the fly. This again is time saving which all helps us to do a better job while saving natural resources and fuel, Cleaned by Pete.

This was the first version of this tool Cleaned by Pete built and designed. It was just to be plug in with the quick attachment system. It is a soap foamer which aspirates the soap into a thicker better cleaner with more power to remove dirt form your home.

Special tip with adjustable controls for making or wiping up the cleaners into a foam for better cling and cleaning power, a Cleaned by Pete photo.

As with any tool, time tell you that some times you did get it right the first time. With the addition of a side-handle, valve, 16 inches of length, a dedicated trigger gun and a swivel to hold a jug of cleaner this foaming tool is now ready for use once again. A Cleaned by Pete designed and built attachment.

This tool draws the cleaner in to the water stream at a more concentrated level and then turns it into a foam apply the cleaner more evenly. This attachment help to reach areas of your home that we had trouble reaching before and will use a lot less water to get the cleaner where it needs to be. Cleaned by Pete.

This foaming head draws in the cleaner or soaps via the tube form the jug, while drawing in air and whips it in to a foam lather which helps us to clean you home. Clean by Pete can apply soap and cleaners in a foam concentrated to clean faster and better using less water, while reaching hard to clean areas.

This is another tool used in our need to get soap onto the home or building we are cleaning. Sometimes it is called a "cannon" or "long-range gun", you can change the gun fromm trowing soap to rinsing by moving the handle closest to the orange tip forward for soap and pulling it back will start to rinse. You might ask why Cleaned by Pete has all these different tools, attachments or guns? Simple one tool does not fit each and every job, your home or business differs from others. Should we be forced to use one tool all the time? Does your building contractor just use one hammer to build a home or does the painter you hire have just one brush? We are a professional power washer and have the different guns, tools and attachments to do the best and safest cleaning for you and your home or business.

Along with our tried and true attachments, nozzles and tools for placing soap and cleaner on your home, the ones we have been using for years and blogged about in the earlier entry. With the addition of these new tools to help us out even more we are ready to clean your home or business. Cleaned by Pete is always looking for ways to: save and help with water conservation, limiting run off, and better, safer and more effective ways to clean your property. If you're needing the best in house washing for greater Springfield MO area call Cleaned by Pete at 417-459-7869 for a free estimate of your project.

Friday, September 6, 2013

House Washing Springfield MO & Republic MO

House Washing: Springfield MO & Republic MO

 One of our older adds, introducing our house washing services, while we still wash houses using safe soft washing methods and techniques, we are still trying to keep our prices low. Call us at 417-459-7869 for a free estimate on your cleaning needs. Adding new washers and equipment all the time, keeping up with new equipment pays off for you our customer getting the best and the safest clean for your home.

Here are a few pictures of some of the homes we completed with in the last week. 
Cleaned by Pete House Washing Springfield MO

Cleaned by Pete House Washing Republic MO

Cleaned by Pete House Washing Springfield MO
Thanks to all our clients for letting and trusting us with your largest investment, your home.