Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The big Impact: "Sometimes seeing is believing"

The big Impact: house washing making a difference

We all like to do homes that are green and just growing with molds, mildew, adages and even mosses, it shows what we do makes a difference. When we are washing we see the dirt come off we see the difference we can make, but does our customer really see this change? When the house is just dirty?

"There is not any moss, or green stuff growing on my home it really is not too dirty". Usually followed by "So it shouldn't cost as much." Sometimes the house is just in need of a good washing all over which is hard to explain to a customer, each day, week, month and year a house gets a little dirtier and you never notice it, it's gradual thing. As the homeowner you probably do not really notice it as you pull into the garage to park. A good low pressure house washing will take care of these problem! We tell our customers this and most do notice the change the brightness of the home when we finish how well it looks and so on. If they could only see what was removed. The other day I had a chance to do just this. As the customer said the house had no sighs of green but the over all level of cleaning I was doing, could be see by all.

Cleaned by Pete house washing does make a difference.
  This is the top corner of a three story home in Nixa MO where we left a large portion unwashed so our customer could see the difference for themselves as well as for the neighbors that were watching. Yes we did wash it just a bit later though. The customer could not believe how much brighter the home was when we finished. This worked as a good visual on this home but again you don't get this everyday, but it's fun when you do. Here is a spot I left on some gutter brightening for the same impact, came back after the photos and walk-a-round and finished the cleaning.
Gutter brightening leaving a small spot uncleaned to show the difference Cleaned by Pete can make Springfield MO.

Left this small area to give you an idea for the difference a professional clean can make, Cleaned by Pete Springfield Missouri gutter brightening.

This is what we do as "power washer" or what ever is the trending term now-a-days. My goal is to make my customers happy and do a job for them that most can not do, or have no idea how to do at a fair cost. If Cleaned by Pete can help you with your cleaning needs we are only a phone call away 417.459.7869 serving the greater Springfield MO area.

"Sometimes seeing is believing"

Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015

Rust Stains, A First Mistake, Then A Second Mistake ..... Just One of Those Jobs

First mistake, second mistake, just one of those jobs sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I did a rust stain removal job last week I had put a bid in on it and got it. This was great, I have the new 9 gallon system with a 3 bar head on the 24" surface cleaner it makes thing go fast, over confident first mistake. I had just looked at the drive way and did not do a test on the stains, second mistake. These stains turned out to be harder to remove than any other I have come across. The concrete was quite porous and had taken a good staining. With that stain setting on the concrete for a while. Fresh stains are easier to remove, third mistake.

Some spot cleaning had been going on.
With two different cleaners the HO was working on the stains until it got to be too much. I needed to blend this together to make it uniform without the rust stains.
Home owner had been working on spot removing the rust stains. They were doing quite well removing the stains. I have to give them a thumbs up for getting this far and removing what they did. As I stated these were the toughest rust stains I have come across to date. Coming in and redoing or trying to blend all this work together, fourth mistake.

 Taking on the job being the "Super hero" to the recuse, ego could be the biggest mistake of all. We are a service business and that is what we sell. Some times not doing your home work will bite you in the but.
Rust stains on the drive way Cleaned by Pete, Springfield MO.
Closer view of the rust stains the driveway, sidewalk, and curbing was covered like this.     Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO.

Working hard to get these stains up, as usual I start off with a good washing using our standard concrete wash then let dry before applying the rust remover.
First step is to clean and open up the pours in the concrete.
Cleaned by Pete's first step in the job is to cleaning and wash the concrete surface with our surface cleaner and concrete wash.

 I start with the one in powered form we all use first to see if it would treat the stains. The stains just sat there, I believe I saw a rust stain flip me off then winked at me. Moved to our liquid rust removers tried both I keep onboard, they removed or lightened most of the stains but left shadows. Even using it straight with a pump up sprayer working it in with a broom still had light rust spots. I would say maybe just over 80% removal had taken place. I talked to the customer once again and not being one to give-up I told her I would try one more time. Had some free time later in the week I would run by and try to apply the rust remover again. I did not have much luck with anything I used the first time but you never know right, that would have been another mistake. Mistakes were piling up on me this job I should cut my losses and let it go. That is not a real option with my personality or desire to do the best I can each and every time. Now what to do to make this customer and myself happy with the outcome.
After the cleaning and applying the rust removers look a lot better a good 80% of the stains are removed.
After the cleaning and applying the rust removers look a lot better a good 80% of the stains are removed.
Getting up close you can still see shadows of the rust. Lighter yes passable could be but I wanted better. Cleaned by Pete rust stain removal Springfield MO.

For about a year I have been researching the how and why rust removers work I am no chemist or scientist but I have a general knowledge of things. One local manufacture had a product which seemed to fit the bill but it was for a different application so I have been asking questions to them on the product. How it did this or that, what is in it, and the safety of the item. Since I was using it for another application I went a head with it and was able to get 5 gallons today and give it a try. With a reassuring yes, that it is safe to use on concrete, they have a modified version (weened down in strength) to use even on clothing. Using common sense and as always you want to use the proper protective gear, eye covers, gloves and boots to be safe. I was able to cut the product with water by 2 product to 1 water and give it a try it worked very well and did what it claimed it also contains a soap which would have helped to clean the concrete, If I had been using it at first.
I'm sorry as of now I can't say what it is but as soon as I can I'll post the name. I'm not going to be selling, marketing, or promoting it, in the future or now, I'm not looking to compete with the two major rust products in our industry. If it works after testing it out I then will let you know. It is local product and for me working with local businesses is a must if I want them to hire me I need to work and support them also. This is my main interest in this product, working with other locals, then what it can do for Cleaned by Pete to make the job easier with the best results. Buying local when we can helps the Small Business Community as well as saving money on shipping and handling charges and I can pick it up today. I now have just shy of 4 gallons left to do some playing around with, as I used just over a gallon and 1/4 to treat the drive way with. My customer called  to give me their opinion on the product since they have used two different product on the side-walk, they could not believe the results it did. Customer claims it looks like new very very happy and surprised with the results. I win rust looses lesson learned also.
After working today I can post these results! Cleaned by Pete removing rust stains.

Rust stain removal Springfield MO. Cleaned by Pete

In summery I should have tested an area to see what I had that worked. I should not have assumed it was going to be a simple job. Most of all I should have not gotten behind the 8ball with all my little mistakes. I did find a silver lining a new product which I will be testing and working with, made here on a local level. I also have a learned a lot with this job with what to do and how much the other rust removers can go and what they can do. Best of all will be a very happy customer that will have us back to wash their house and will help to spread the word about the good service received from Cleaned by Pete.
The photos above show what I did and the ones below show the out come of the job. As of now I see this product will be a good add to our line up of rust removers and cleaners. Every stain is not equal and one product can not do it all.

While drying the shadows are all but gone now, Cleaned by Pete rust removal and driveway cleaning, in Springfield MO.
Concrete cleaning and rust stain removal Springfield MO.
Concrete cleaning and rust stain removal Springfield MO.