Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years!

With 2013 ready to close and leave us Cleaned by Pete would like to say thank you all. To our readers here, customers, family, friends, and supporters of my blog and my cleaning company we could not do it without you. We hope that 2014 will find you and yours well and hoping the new year is properest for you. We look forward to the challenges that we will find next year. Please bookmark us and we will be back working with the blog in 2014.

Again: Thank you for your support and Happy New Year

from Cleaned by Pete

Saturday, December 28, 2013

All steamed up! dry steam the old school way

 King of the steam pots?

I had some free time this morning and while going through some photos I found these thought I'll post them up for you. You don't see any thing like this in the industry much any more. Everything since the mid 70's have went the way of what we think of as today's power washer, where pressure is king.Well if you go "old school" I must be the king of low pressure dry steam cleaning. 

Low pressure may be a bit of a confusing term here since water can expand up to 100 percent when heated and under the right atmospheric conditions. Under the most sea level conditions the steam pot takes 40 pounds per square inch of water volume in the in the coil contained in the heat chamber and can expand at the nozzle when exiting over 100 % producing the same "cleaning effect" as say a 3500 psi power washer with less run off and a higher heat level. Low pressure is related to the water pressure in the coil only 40 pounds or less is required here. I can cut through greasy cars, motor oil grime, and auto clean ups, for BBQ grills and animal fat cleaning it is great. Heat and pressurized steam does the work. As a side advantage it also sterilizes the area for kitchen and food working of preparation areas, with little to no water run off due to steam being evaporated quickly. Today's power washer uses at least 2.5 to 5 gallons of water per minute while in use if we can just reduce some of that.

How do you save water, how do you reduce run off from cleaning? The picture shows the typical amount of water we use with our dry steam pots.

These old school steamer were made in the late fifties and continued in production to the mid 70 when the pressure washer as we know it today evolved. When it came to raw power over heat and finesse the power washer was winning out and these units were falling out of favor. I would guess if you asked the old timers in the auto shop how or what is the best way to clean grease and oil grime they would say steam. That is if you found an old timer still around, we are retiring and even dieing off. The Steam Jennie, Kota, or Sioux are a combination of a steam pot and a lower pressure pump to push the water through the coil, but most have went the way of today's power washer. You get a wetter steam which means your steam is contend is more concentrated with water. If you have a chance to pick one of these up they are a great addition to your line of cleaners. They were also touted as the best "ice dam" breakers / melter in the business, for you guys up north. Using little to no water and then superheating it the steam leaves little to no run off to refreeze the dry steam will do the work. I have used them cleaning some expensive Stainless steel BBQ grills and placed towels down to wick up the melted grease and fats working over a 1/2 hour towels be come damp. 

A bottle of propane. a water source is all you need to work with these little pots. Just a bit of old technology from the old school of washing, it's a fun tool to have in the arsenal.

 With a full head of steam cleaning take on a different view. Small droplets of water are rocketed at the objects in need of cleaning. These superheated droplets are steam propelled and burst upon hitting the objects inturn washing away the grease and grime that the heat helped to break down.

 FYI two or these pot have dry or cake soap containers one has a liquid soap containers which adds the soap or cleaner to the steam preheating it also to improve the cleaning effect of these units.

Above the steam cleaner set ready for use in cleaning a Terracotta style floor and disinfecting it at the same time. Below try to hold this motorcycle engine block down and wash it with a power washer and see how wet you get with the blow back or how much water and run off you have.

Here are two links if you would like to see more about steam or vapor cleaning:

  I don't believe these steam pots are made any longer these are the reason, I would believe to as why:  Easy to use low tech no electricity or gas motors needed, hot steam and pipes would be a product liability with today's standards having to protect us from ourselves, product works well nothing to ware out, and open fire burner at the bottom of the pot may have some in the government wondering if fire is safe, and lastly the sides or cavity between heat chamber and out side walls insulated with asbestos material (it really keeps the heat in side and helps to heat the water in the coil up usually starts making steam in 4 minutes or so).

My steamers are all Wedco brands when based in Colorado during the 1960's, later in the 70's they're bought out and called Sukii. The earlier cleaners were mostly cake or dry soap later one were liquid soap models the plumbing is the only thing different. Wedco's came in yellow and red the only Sukii's I have ever seen are red. Below I picture each one in red and an add for the Sukii. Cleaned by Pete has the right tools and equipment for your cleaning job.

Call cleaned by Pete let us put our steam pot to work for you, not ever job requires steam but for the one that do we are ready. Not a pressure washer putting out hot water at up to 5 gallons a minute but true dry steam working for you. Cleaned by Pete 417-459-7869

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ladder fail, No ladders on your home, Cleaned by Pete

Ladder fail

It is rarely the fault of a ladder when someone falls or is hurt using a ladder. The main reason is operator error. A ladder and its' placement is hard sometimes block it up or over extending it is asking for problems. Now let's add a power washer to the mix the recoil or sudden burst of power when the trigger is pulled can have failers while both feet are on the ground. What happens when your on a ladder with a 3 foot wand a hose full of water hanging down and you compress the trigger. There is just one simple answer in this case. "You should have hired a professional power washer to do the job using soft wash techniques we are able to safely clean and wash never leaving the ground up to 3 stories high.

Below you see men at work, they are working with ladders cleaning painting and doing other jobs around the house. Why put your loveones at risk why put yourself at risk? You should call a professional power washer, don't be like these guys! Don't wonder what will happen if I do this! Don't fail call a professional.

Below are some pictures found on the web of "ladder fail" they may look funny but remember ladders are serous business. That paint brush does not pack a kick like a power washer does. Let us use our safe, from the ground, soft washing method to clean and renew your home.

If you live in Springfield or the Southwest MO aera, Cleaned by Pete is the professional power washer you need to call for your safe, from the ground, no ladder, soft washing, house washing needs:

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cleaned by Pete wishes our readers a Merry Christmas

Cleaned by Pete wishes our readers a Merry Christmas

This year has been a good year for the blog. Thank you for reading and viewing. I have been looking for the right card to put up, I grew up with Christmas not trying to offend any others out there, and I'm a little long in the tooth to change. To any or the readers that do not follow this view we wish you and yours a "Happy Holidays". Christmas is about remembering and family, this year I found this card.

Merry Christmas, from all of us at Cleaned by Pete!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Power Washing and the Weather

Power Washing and the Weather

One thing we can not do is rely on the weather, living here in the Ozarks is sometime a challenge. I have seen weather change form one extreme to the other in less than hours.  I was washing concrete Wednesday for a construction clean-up. They needed it done for a grand opening today. In any case started out around 9:00 and the temps were at 50 plus we had some clouds since a front was on the way. reached almost 60 degrees till the wind kicked up by the time I finished and made it home to get things put up it had dropped 20 degrees and woke up to freezing temps in the morning by late after noon snow. Today it has stopped and left us here with 8 to 9 inches of snow with a high of 19 degrees.
Cleaned by Pete cleaning concrete in Springfield MO

Last step before the grand opening clean the construction mishaps off the concrete, Cleaned by Pete in Springfield MO.

They thought the new concrete just need a little rinse the changed their minds when the say this. Cleaned by Pete has cleaned the right side and is working hard to get this concrete ready.

Cleaning concrete in Springfield MO Cleaned by Pete.

Using the water broom in this picture with new concrete to much pressure could damaged it to the point it has to be repoured. Cleaned by Pete know how much pressure is too much and what need to be done to get the best clean possible.
About now you may be saying why are these pictures in here this is about weather. Yes but you can see we work with water and mother nature dose this thing where it takes a liquid and makes it solid. Water will freeze even above 32 degrees. Wind and conditions can be just right it will freeze or can even turn to snow. A pressure washer with a wide fan pattern works much the same way as a snow making machine works the process is much the same to break down the water in to small partials and have them chill and fall back to the ground. It is an amazing process with pressure flow and atomization of the water partials.  What is even more amazing is hot water can freeze with this process even faster, due to the fact is has less oxygen in it due to heating and at the molecule level the partials are spaced further apart letting more air around them. More chilled air smaller partials instance ice or snow. 

We as washers have to be aware of our situation and the safety of our clients and their clients, forming ice on concrete or walk ways is a safety issue we can not take lightly. In the wrong conditions we could have a ice glazed parking lot and gas islands in stead of a cleaned on. Freezing water has another interesting aspect as it becomes a solid it expands. Freezing water can crack the strongest steel or brass, not to mention the ceramic glass pistons that are in our pumps. We can not let water stand on what we are cleaning or in our machines, pumps, heating coils, hoses, guns and other tools. When the temperatures start to drop. Safety is the largest issue and loss of equipment is next followed by our own physical well being. Winterizing is an on going battle with winter. This is why someone puts their washer up in the shed in the late fall and come time for spring projects. They get out the power washer and water pours out of it or it make no pressure. Frozen water has claimed another power washer. One must always try to get all the water out and replace it with some form of antifreeze. We like the pink "RV antifreeze" it is safe for the earth and water-ways if we should get a spill. Also safe for animals and pets that may be around and it is rated at 50 below. Winter care for our equipment still means attention and caution through out the entire winter season. We don't put them up and just forget about them. Most professional power washers owe their livelyhood to these machines, I know I do so taking care of them is up most. It use to be said "You can tell a lot about a man or woman on how they treat of keep their tools". This is as true today as in the past if you don't keep your tools and machines with care and maintenance you can not expect them to to the best job.

Now this was yesterday less than 24 hours between cleaning the parking lot and islands and taking the pictures below. From 60 degrees to low 20's .

Less then 24 hours later this is what we had with temps in the low to mid 20's.

Less then 24 hours later this is what we had with temps in the mid 20's.
Then today the high is 19 degrees and around 8+ inches of snow fell last night and this morning 12 inches in some local areas. Cleaned by Pete take great pride in having the right equipment and with that takes great care of it. Power washing may stop during the winter but maintenance and caring for the machines does not.

Today's view

Today's view

Today's view

Cleaned by Pete will be ready if there is a break in winter or for next year's cleaning. Our phones are still on and working call us at 417-459-7869 for your power washing needs

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Soap & Chemical Attachments & Nozzles

Soap & Chemical Attachments & Nozzles

I've been asked to go over how one gets the soap and cleaners on surface to be cleaned. Each and every power washer has their own secret cleaning solution. What to add, what works, what's the best, I not here to discuss whatever is best does no good unless it is on the surface. While there are several ways to get the soap and cleaners to and on the surface these are the ones I use the most and the reasons why.

I will talk about injectors, very simply put these are devices that draw the cleaning solution into the water stream of the power washer then mixed with the water stream it is delivered to the surface to be cleaned or washed. These injectors come in different sizes, rates of flow, fixed or variable, and what is know as "up-stream" or "down-stream". As with nozzles injectors need to be properly sized to each power washing unit, in-order to work to its' peak effectiveness. This is figured out by how many psi and gpm your pump will be putting out. These injectors will draw soap and cleaners when the pressure in the output hose reaches a certain point of low pressure. We talked about nozzling in an earlier entry here in the blog. Open the hole size lowers the pressure while the gpm remain the same.

The next item is placement, where one places the injector in the power washer. An up-stream injector is placed before the pump in the water supply. It draws the cleaners into the water stream and is compressed and pressurized with the water in the pump as it flows to the nozzling device for dispersal or application. I personally have only worked with one machine that used up-streaming it works the same some say it is more efficient, I never noticed much difference. Most power washer do not like to run harsh chemicals into and through their pumps. This is the main reason I do not like up-streaming. Down-streaming is placing the injector after or behind the pump this way it will not draw cleaner into the pump head or unloader. 

Cleaned by Pete employes several different injectors that can be placed in different locations in the high pressure hose. To be able to use these on other washers or with other equipment some times adaptors are needed. This shows 3 different injectors and some adaptors we need from time to time.

Fixed or variable injectors I like to be able to adjust the flow or how much cleaner I am applying. I use an adjustable injector most injectors wide open will draw between 10% to 20% draw rate depending on who makes it. For less cleaner you simply screw in the adjustable knob. Some times you need more cleaner sometimes less. Fixed injectors draw in only a set percentage of cleaner to water flow. If your asking why they work it is due to venturies  which cause low pressure but you really can not make one, it really does not matter how or why it matters that they do.

As with any piece of equipment they have draw backs and they do ware out. One of the largest drawbacks is you usually can not use more than 200 feet of high pressure hose. The pressure it takes to move water that far also causes the injector to close higher pressure stops the draw from the injector. What do you do if you need more hose and can not move the power washer. Move the injector or add another one further down line or even a special type at the end of the lance, gun or wand.

Using the standard down-stream injector I have options on how to deliver the cleaner contained in the water stream. Different nozzles is our first chose. 

Standard low pressure nozzle or soap nozzle can be used. This nozzle will work great for areas that are not to far away or to high. The wide fan pattern does not work well at any distance.

Soap distance nozzle a special low pressure nozzle that will reach two and three stories with the right power washer.

Special constructed nozzles that Cleaned by Pete has made for his machines to use for his needs. Each and every job is different and may or may not require different nozzles. We take pride in have a large line of attachments and nozzles for the job we do.
You can look back in the blog and see some of these nozzles being used to reach and apply cleaners to three storied homes.

Some times the cleaning job need more concentrated cleaner to be applied to the surface. What do you do? your injector is pulling in as much as it can. There are even more options we can use. Special units that have their own built in injectors that will draw out a larger percentage of cleaner near the discharge point.

Soap cannon with it's own soap injector. This will allow us to draw out more cleaner just before the discharge. You can dial up a larger % of the cleaner. More cleaner is drawn out getting a stronger mix on the surface. This unit has its' own supply bottle attached.
Here are a few more attachments to consider each does some thing different Cleaned by Pete uses each and all of these depending on each jobs need.

A simple foamer helps in adding air into the mixture as it leaves the nozzle foaming it up. This one is variable too you can adjust the draw of cleaner. Cleaned by Pete uses a hose to a bucket to draw soap to this tip.

M5 a type of "x-jet" system has a varabile soap feed plus can stream or fan soap on. With a simple adjustment you can also use this unit to rinse also. Cleaned by Pete also uses this attachment with a 20 ft hose to the cleaner in a container. As with the system above you need to bring the cleaner to the point of discharge.

This attachment is set up with its' own soap container. No need to drag the cleaner around with you, draw back small bottles of cleaner do not last to long. Larger bottles weigh more.

Soap cannon also adds air into the cleaner mixture giving you a rich thick layer of cleaning foam. Cleaned by Pete use this attachment to "foam" decks, autos and concrete. it has a bottle and an adjustable injector also. You can remove the bottle and add a hose to draw from the soap container also.

Closer view of the adjustable cleaner draw knob.

Some other soap and cleaner attachments Cleaned by Pete made for some special applications where nothing else would work. Since we work only from the ground no ladders on a home we sometimes need something a bit different.

Foaming head on an extension pole Cleaned by Pete made this to reach some gables on a house.

Cleaned by Pete's soap applying lance to help reach areas that the standards methods just don't work. This lance and gun combination contains a place for a jug of cleaner and two different adjustable soaping draws.

Cleaned by Pete's soap rifle.

This is a water cannon can be use to apply soap and cleaners to tall buildings and then by adjusting the front handle you can use it to wash and rinse.

Each of these has it place in Cleaned by Pete tool box each one is used to put soaps and cleaners where you need. Some are a "stand alone" attachment while others need injectors to function. Cleaned by Pete has them all to fit your job, if you need cleaning and want to see these items in action call us at:
for that free prompt estimate.

Thank you for reading our blog please bookmark us and share it with others.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thank you for your support

Thank You

It's Thanksgiving week and we want to say thanks for liking our page and supporting us here at Cleaned by Pete pressure & power washing. It is also "small business Saturday"! A chance to support your local small business men and women who own or operate in you area. Now let's thankful for family and friends!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

What a power washer does

Power washing

Sometimes being a power washer takes us away from home for a time, We have been out on a job for about a week and have not had time to make an entry in the blog. I made it home last night. Just to let you know we were working here is a short video that was taken while working at the job. Yes this is proof that I was working not on vacation or sunning in the tropics. I have to catch up on work here at home this week and will hope to do some more blogging soon. Thank you for your support and visiting us here at Cleaned by Pete please bookmark us and return.

You may want to turn down the volume a bit since who took the video is standing close to the pressure washer and it may be a bit loud.

Just click on the video and watch Cleaned by Pete at work. Cosmetic cleaning on this concrete wall, watch as years of dirt are being erased with one or our washers.


Have a bit of time today after the house washing I did this morning. I thought I would post up a few pictures of work in progress also taken on this project.

Cleaned by Pete working the way up cleaning this concrete corner. Years of dirt and grime are power washed away.

Cleaned by Pete working his way down cleaning this concrete wall. Years of dirt and grime are power washed away.

Cleaned by Pete working on cleaning this concrete sill under the windows. Years of dirt. grime and pollutants are being power washed away.

Cleaned by Pete cleaning concrete walls removing years of crud.

Cleaned by Pete cleaning concrete walls removing years of crud.

Cleaned by Pete is cleaning a pavilion you can see just where we stopped while moving equipment.

Cleaned by Pete is cleaning a pavilion you can see just where we need to start cleaning once again after moving equipment.

Cleaned by Pete is cleaning the second pavilion you can see just where I stopped to take a picture and a quick break.

Pictures are after drying overnight

Nice, bright, cleaned and looking good Cleaned by Pete.
Nice, bright, cleaned and looking good Cleaned by Pete.

Nice, bright, cleaned and looking good Cleaned by Pete.

Nice, bright, cleaned and looking good Cleaned by Pete.

Nice, bright, cleaned and looking good Cleaned by Pete.