Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The big Impact: "Sometimes seeing is believing"

The big Impact: house washing making a difference

We all like to do homes that are green and just growing with molds, mildew, adages and even mosses, it shows what we do makes a difference. When we are washing we see the dirt come off we see the difference we can make, but does our customer really see this change? When the house is just dirty?

"There is not any moss, or green stuff growing on my home it really is not too dirty". Usually followed by "So it shouldn't cost as much." Sometimes the house is just in need of a good washing all over which is hard to explain to a customer, each day, week, month and year a house gets a little dirtier and you never notice it, it's gradual thing. As the homeowner you probably do not really notice it as you pull into the garage to park. A good low pressure house washing will take care of these problem! We tell our customers this and most do notice the change the brightness of the home when we finish how well it looks and so on. If they could only see what was removed. The other day I had a chance to do just this. As the customer said the house had no sighs of green but the over all level of cleaning I was doing, could be see by all.

Cleaned by Pete house washing does make a difference.
  This is the top corner of a three story home in Nixa MO where we left a large portion unwashed so our customer could see the difference for themselves as well as for the neighbors that were watching. Yes we did wash it just a bit later though. The customer could not believe how much brighter the home was when we finished. This worked as a good visual on this home but again you don't get this everyday, but it's fun when you do. Here is a spot I left on some gutter brightening for the same impact, came back after the photos and walk-a-round and finished the cleaning.
Gutter brightening leaving a small spot uncleaned to show the difference Cleaned by Pete can make Springfield MO.

Left this small area to give you an idea for the difference a professional clean can make, Cleaned by Pete Springfield Missouri gutter brightening.

This is what we do as "power washer" or what ever is the trending term now-a-days. My goal is to make my customers happy and do a job for them that most can not do, or have no idea how to do at a fair cost. If Cleaned by Pete can help you with your cleaning needs we are only a phone call away 417.459.7869 serving the greater Springfield MO area.

"Sometimes seeing is believing"

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