Sunday, January 27, 2013

We are still at it, cleaning and blogging

I was not to sure about this blogging when we first started it up. The more I do it the easier it is starting to become. I'm still learning what to write about and what labels and keywords to add and terms like back-linking. The main reason I started this to help you our customers and prospective customers understand a bit more about our cleaning industry. I was told by one commercial cleaning expert; it is not important what a residential customer thinks just do your job and that is it. I disagree with this, That is why I have continued to blog about it. I like to let you know what we are doing, why we are using certain types of cleaning techniques on your home. Letting me explain tools and equipment is good for you as a home owner and also good for Cleaned by Pete. Your knowledge will continue to grow, learning how to protect yourself by increasing your knowledge on this subject. Your home in most cases is your largest investment and you deserve a contractor that will treat it as such. Hopefully you are starting to see why it is better to have a professional to wash and clean your home, and what to look for in a contractor.  I hope you continue to stay with us, learning and seeing what Cleaned by Pete can do for you in the South-west and greater Springfield MO area. Do not forget to visit our web page at and please continue to follow and read our blog.

Cleaned by Pete also cleans: concrete and other flat surfaces, decks fences and other wooden items and surfaces, barns, garages and other structures, patios, dinning areas and BBQ outside cooking areas, awnings, and other jobs weather it is residential or commercial call us at 417-459-7869 to see what we can do for you.

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