Tuesday, January 1, 2013

House Washing Wednesday

It is still house washing Wednesday here in Southwest MO, while it is close to 20 degrees out side now it is time to think about having a clean home this coming Spring. Cleaned by Pete would like to come over and give you a free estimate on your external home cleaning. Always make sure your mobile contract cleaner is licenced and insured. Here are some more homes we have cleaned in the area.

This little home was covered in brown and green mold and algae needed cleaning before being put up for sale.
Split level homes are no problem for us to clean.

Wood and rock homes we can adjust our cleaning method to fit each home we do even if it is made with different materials.
Two story rental the owner let us park on the lawn to work off the top of the service truck we needed to do this because the last person who tried to clean it really messed it up and he wanted it looking good. It was all blotchy from bleach and not being able to reach the higher areas.

Brick and stone we washed this one after a 2 year major remodel.

Brick home with vinyl sides and back this one or our yearly cleanings.
Call 417-459-7869 and ask Cleaned by Pete for a free estimate to wash your house or other project. As always thank you for your support.

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