Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wands, Poles, an Attachments

Pete was out on a bid for a home that was being purchased. The bank and the prospective new owners were wanting a few things done on the home at closing to be completed. Pete met with the general contractor who was subbing out the house washing. The home was a two story vinyl sided home with a native rock front.  This is where this entry comes in while discussing the cost and what was the best washing method to use, the contractor asked, "but really how do you get up there to clean it?". Pete said attachments and poles, then went over how Cleaned by Pete practices safe on the ground cleaning. Cleaned by Pete tries not to use ladders; first they touch and lean on your home and siding and pressure washing off ladders in not the safest practice. Soft washing applied form ladders is safer and we try to use folding ladders in most cases. Not leaning or touching your home reduces damage and is just saver.

I have been explaining some attachments for the power washer and introduce you to our world of "Wands, Poles an Attachments". If you have been reading along with our blog you know that Cleaned by Pete take great pride in having the right tools for the right job, for the best cleaning of your home or business. Lets look at the these attachments and explain there uses. The gun, lance and pole are just extensions from the hose to the nozzle which we explained before. These poles help us reach areas of your home from the ground for a better clean on your house or business. To reach the upper most area we have the 26 / 28 ft extension pole or telescoping pole. We have a nick-name for this pole it's called the yellow banana, due to the fact it will flex and bow at full extension takes a bit of work with it to get use to how to handle it.
We are able to reach here and get a good washing on this stucco siding please note the angle of water use to clean is is almost at 90 degrees. Our cleaning force is more direct if you used this with only a regular nozzle in the end you would get a glancing wash most of the cleaning force would not be directly applied. Cleaned by Pete has several of these angles we made for more effective cleaning, I love to say this we have the right tool for the right job.

The pole at almost full length washing with a boar-hair brush and feeding soap and water through the pole not to disturb the letters on this sign, we are also working off the 7 foot platform of the service truck. You can note the bend in the pole our "our yellow banana.

Washing under a drive thru entrance / loading unloading area, where car exhaust has been collecting for years you can see we are washing the last of the dark grime off with the telescoping pole.
Cleaned by Pete has invested in this cleaning item to be safer also saving time, resources, gas, and to get a better cleaning job. These next pictures show some of the other fixed poles and other attachments we use here at Cleaned by Pete.

This is a 5 foot poll with a 16 inch attachment and then the nozzle making almost a total of 6 1/2 feet to reach up and clean. Cleaned by Pete has quick couples on all poles guns and nozzles. These quick couples allow us to add , take off or change to other configurations to match cleaning needs. You will also notice the angle of the nozzle we able to change this angle to direct the cleaning stream to achieve better results. If we were using it straight on it would only glance the side of the building.

Some of the fixed poles we use and guns we can use just the gun or quickly build any length of pole with bends or angles. You see here some of the poles and bends we use for cleaning jobs. The length or the poles range from 6 feet to 16 inches and will all link together via quick connectors. There are several types of guns pictured each is different and has a place.

Another view you can see how some of the attachments are curved or bent. You also see some with tubing on them these are soap injectors I have more on these later in an other entry. Being able to quick change the angles, nozzles, lengths, guns and configuration gives us an arsenal of cleaning you won't see everywhere.

Straight gun, four foot pole, 18 inch angle adaptor, 12 inch surface cleaner use to clean an old milking barn, for a new entertaining area. Cleaned by Pete can quickly change this configuration by adding nozzles and other accessories.
We use these wands, guns and poles on all types of jobs. Over the years we have learned what works best. Building, buying and collecting different items for use till we have what we have today. We are able to move water where we want to apply soap and cleaners on your home and rinse them off safely. Call us and let Cleaned by Pete show you what we can do for you. With our attachment poles we can get your project cleaned.
This photo shows Cleaned by Pete rinsing down a stone chimney, the roof line at the bottom of the photo is over 2 stories high.

Real results and photo of the heights we can reach from ground level without climbing on your home. Water is exiting the nozzle at the 2nd story roof line.
 Visit us at our web site: and over at House Washing Springfield MO: Thank you for your support if you have any question about the attachments we looked at today please post a comment below and I will try to get back with you, Thanks for your support.

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