Wednesday, January 9, 2013

House Washing Wednesday

It's "House Washing Wednesday" again time to post some picture of the homes we have cleaned. Weather it is wood, steel, vinyl, painted, brick, stone, block or rock. Cleaned by Pete is who you need to call 417-459-7869 for your house washing needs in the South-west and Springfield MO area.

Algae problem let us help it's not healthy and look bad we can remove it.

Cleaned by Pete a before and after photo.

Owner need a cleaning to get it ready for sale what would you want would bring in more money?

Pressed wooden siding that was Cleaned by Pete.

Vinyl siding over native stone we have not problem in cleaning different materials.

Hard to believe but just cleaning this brick home brightened it up before the new owner moved in.

Cleaning and while we were there the customer had us blast the wood to remove loose paint making his paint job easier (no lead paint house had been repainted 7 years ago).

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