Sunday, January 20, 2013

Be an Guard! Knowledge is Key!

While reading some of the news about the latest house washing scamming, I was really shocked to read that, "some looking for the quick buck" were using "Oven Cleaner"  or "Drain Cleaner" to wash houses. I had ran into this about two years ago here in Springfield but never really believed that anyone would do it. Oven or drain cleaner does not sound to bad, they sell it over the counter, but what is it? It is mostly lye, good old lye or caustic soda now think do you want this on your home? Lye's cleaning and stripping power would show a quick and amazing result, for a visual effect. What are the costs down the line? How many years or how much did it shorten the live or your siding? Besides it is caustic as the name says, how much water does it take to neutralize it? Can you get it out of the cracks and nooks in the siding, window sills, door jams and so on. Did they try to rinse it off, do they even care about rinsing it off? Hate to say this, "probable not!".  Now caustic soda has a place in the cleaning world as oven and drain cleaner, but it does not belong on your home's siding for a  house cleaner. We use caustic soda for very specialized cleaning. Never try this by yourself at home it can spew up splatter causing bad chemical burns and has harmful vapors look at the instructions on a can of drain cleaner.  You must ask: "What do you intend to use on my home or business?". It is up to you, and you have the last word if you are not sure do more research or look for another contractor.  Be there and make sure what they use. Remember the most used cleaner in the world is simple bleach followed by some form of soap. Bleach is used for disinfecting, cleaning of all types, and brightening all in one product and comes in all different grades and percents from 3% up to 12% and graded for: home, industrial and medical. Bleach used for cleaning your home is safe in the hands of a professional cleaner. Make sure what is being used on your home. Knowledge is power.

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