Monday, April 1, 2013

Quick update on the fogger / foamer

Just a Quick update

Earlier we built a fogger / foamer and had and entry to explain why and how we built it. We needed it to apply soap and cleaners on the walls of a home that had odd peaks and dormers that we could not reach straight on. Designed for a safe soft house washing or business wash. Used it a couple times and came up with this: 

The handle's quick connect was a bit wobbly for the length.
Holding the jug was hard on your free hand when holding up the tool.
Need to turn down the rinse at times.
Soap jug need to be able to change and remove faster.
Lastly wanted just a bit more length for peeks and ridges.
So just went to the old toolbox and fittings we keep on the service truck and came up with a 1/4" inch ball-valve, another length of pipe, large clip, a old trigger gun then down to the supply house for a side handle for the wand, and to the leather company for a clip swivel. Putting it together this is now what it looks like will be using it soon and give another review on the progress this attachment is  making. It has the potential to be very useful. We were also thinking of using one of the metal water bottles with the clip for the soap we will still have to see. Thank you for viewing. It is a work in progress and it is being mostly made from parts we have laying around trying to keep the cost low. With the work done this time it will fit into our tools and equipment for your power washing needs. Weather we need to purchase or build attachments we will have the right tools to get the job done.

Cleaned by Pete added a inline ball-valve for reducing water flow while rinsing.

Side handle added along with the clip and swivel to hold the jug, also found an old trigger handle in order to make the unit more solid, Cleaned by Pete.

Placement of side handle and ball-valve, Cleaned by Pete

Swivel and clip to hold the cleaners and soaps and an old trigger gun.

Trying to keep cost low and yet make it look some what professional looking, best to work out the bugs first and them we can make it pretty, Cleaned by Pete

These foamers can be found cheap they may not last a long time but for the building trials they work great, they can be changed out for the "M-16 Thruster Nozzle" for long range and fan pattern. Cleaned by Pete will let you know how it is working out.

 If your have any ideas for improvement comment below thanks for the view and hope your are following us here.

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