Monday, April 8, 2013

Power washer ... the person not the machine

Power washer ... the person not the machine

When people ask me what I do for a living I say power wash and follow by saying I'm a "power washer" a person not the machine. This strikes up a conversation and then I can explain some of the services they maybe interested in. So I had an idea they come to me ever now and then I would blog about the person here in stead of the machine. If you are thinking about hiring a power washer make sure he or she is the right one with the right power washer for your washing needs.

Power washer: a person or persons doing pressure / power washing, running or working with the power washing machine.

Power washer: a machine using water pressure for cleaning or removing unwanted dirt or grime.

 Any one can own a power washer, the machine and make it squirt out water does this make them a "power washer? This last week we had two servers where the owners were very active and helpful while we were cleaning. The first was a house washing and patio wash the owners were getting ready to put it on the market and wanted it to have some curb appeal. The mold, algae and mildew removed and the gutters whitened. Normally the owner told me, he washes the house saves a buck but just did not have the time to do it. While I was washing he popped out now and then and was quite impressed. He also added he was impressed with one of our web sites and that is why he gave us the call. At patio cleaning time he helped moved tables and chairs so I could clean under them and so on. When I was finished he told me the house look so good and bright he could hardly look at it in the noon sunshine wonder why he did not have us do it before. He said it had never looked better in the 10 years they owned it, remember he had been washing the home all this time. What was the difference? Of course it was the pressure washer, but the machine or the person? Most power washing contractors that have been doing this type of work for a long time we take pride and like what we do. It's a service that reflects directly upon us in a personal way, the cleaning or washing shows what we do. We not only have the machines to use we know how to use them safely. I find that most of the time we as owners / operators are our hardest critics we are always thinking I wonder if that one area could be cleaner. Most or us are locally owned and live in the area we service, without happy, satisfied customers we are not going to be around long. We relay on customers for repeat cleanings and them to let friends and neighbors know about us. We at Cleaned by Pete will cater to your cleaning needs doing what it takes to complete a job with 100% satisfaction.

The second job we were cleaning the patio / kitchen, BBQ areas for a residential customer (one of our special services) and had to walk around the house to bring the equipment to the backyard. Power washer, vacuum, towels, cleaning equipment, rags, pole dusters and what ever we needed. The customer said you can cut trough the house and save time. I told him not to worry we get paid by the job it would not cost any more if it took more time, and that I would not carry any thing trough a house that may drip of leave dust I had more respect for his home than that. My shoes were wet and though we keep the equipment clean you never know, I did not want to take any chance of anything happening. He was some what surprised and a bit over whelmed with the thought. What made it even better an electrician was walking out of the home (with dirty shoes) using it as the short cut. The owner saw him, look at me and said thank you. This take me back to the same point as above we as power washing professionals make the difference we care about your job, house or what ever we clean for you. Intrusting us with your items or home is a responsibility we don't take lightly.

I was washing a home once for an older couple and the husband came out ever now and them to check the progress and the work which we encourage and to ask any questions too. I was about halfway finished with the cleaning and he one again came out and said, I won't bother you again the wife said for me to stop,  she told me if I couldn't see by now, he is doing the best, you running out there is not helping him clean he will get the house as clean as it could possibly be. Just to knock on the door when you finish. I told him he could still come out and check and ask any questions if he wanted to. He then said, no I can't. Customers trust is earned over the years and it is what keeps the pressure washer, the person in business. I want to say while we are on a job we will treat your home with respect and care, you have intrusted to us your largest investment and we as professional power washer do not take it lightly. We don't just own a power washer, machine, we are power washers.

Remember you are not just hiring a power washer, the machine, you are hiring the power washer, the person. Look for someone you can trust, your home is depending on us. A local power washing professional with a proven track record with years of experiences, is what you want to look for when hiring. If you want this in the Southwest and greater Springfield MO area look to Cleaned by Pete.


  1. Even though anyone could operate a power washer, it is still quite different when you hire experts to do the work. You will be confident of its result. And I guess that was the good thing about hiring an experienced power washer (the person and not the machine).

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