Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pictorial History of Power Washing, part II

A pictorial history of power washing.

A few more pictures of the pictorial history of pressure washing. First hot-water high pressure washer was invented by Alfred Karcher in 1950 in Germany. Which some say was a refinement of Frank Ofeldt's steam cleaner. Designed and invented in the United States. The steam pressure washer or "high-pressure Jenny" is introduced much earlier, in 1927. Refinements have been made but we all own and use something that is credited to these two gentlemen. These pictures have been used from the internet. If you or your companies owns them and may wish them removed please email us and we will remove them. Pictures have link to web sites where you can find them and more information.

The Hypressure Jenny was the first Steam Cleaner ever made - first in the world! It was invented by Mr. Frank W. Ofeldt, II in 1927. He immediately joined Homestead Valve Manufacturing Co. in Coraopolis Pennsylvania, and later became Chief Engineer of the Hypressure Jenny 


Sioux was founded in 1939 in Beresford, South Dakota, initially manufacturing steam cleaners used to clean automobile engines.  In 1965, the company was sold to John and Virginia Finger, who began designing additional models of steam cleaners and hot or cold water pressure washers, with larger capacities and pressures for application in other industries. http://www.sioux.com/history-of-sioux-corporation.html

In 1977 the first Epps Products pressure washer was produced.  The model 800E, @ 800 PSI and 3 GPM. http://www.eppsproducts.com/aboutus.html


The powerful streams of water ripped through clay, rocks and gravels, blasting away entire mountains.  http://www.brackensgoldrush.com/History.htm

This 1900 photo shows a water cannon blasting away a hillside at the Calhoun Gold Mine, in Lumpkin County, during the second gold rush.
Courtesy of Georgia Archives, Vanishing Georgia Collection
The last two pictures so how water pressure cannons we use early on for dirt removal sometimes whole mountains here we have more volume than pressure, today we have great pressure with less volume doing the same job. It all comes down to dirt and grime removal.
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